15 Powerful Herbs to Kill Infections and Clear Mucus from Your Lungs

15 Powerful Herbs to Kill Infections and Clear Mucus from Your Lungs Every year, thousands of Americans are affected by bacterial and viral infections. In most …


  1. With the amount of anti-biotics that are already consumed in MOSTLY ALL meats and vegetables, there is no wonder that the obesity factor is so prevalent. I always hear people talk about how – "I'm gonna lose weight, go on a diet and eat all vegetables." The problem with that is__glyphosate__! This herbicide is a product of Monsanto, and was patented as an anti-biotic. Glyphosate is dangerous in many ways, but mostly like this: glyphosate chemically and molecularly binds the nutients into the plant or vegetables, thereby reducing the bioavailability of the nutients within that vegetable. But, glyphosate hits you with a one-two punch by killing your GOOD GUT BACTERIA, whereas you won't be able to digest the nutients even if they were available. Yes, CBD OIL is a CURE for so many different ailments. But, With the level of EVIL THAT EXISTS with companys like Monsanto with the foods that we consume, _DONT EVEN THINK_ that these evil bastards aren't going to fuck up the CBD OIL also!

  2. My storz & bickel mighty vaporizer is a life saver. I use to get shortness of breath at least once a day. Since I starting vaporizing cannabis rather than smoking it, I haven't had shortness of breath in 3 months.

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