1. Perfect example is Bombardier. The shareholders dumped and the stock fell almost 40%. The next day it fell another 5-15% .However the day after that it went up 10-25%. My strategy is to look at top % losers every closing and see what their story is and either go long or short the next day based on my

  2. You are a total douche bag who is just another scamming scum bag. How old is your girlfriend? Barely legal age. I wouldn’t allow you near my money in a million years.

  3. These last few videos where you break down EXACTLY what a dip buy or morning panic or buy on the breakout is, are helping me tremendously. I've watched all your DVDs and countless video lessons, but for some reason still have all these questions as to what I'm supposed to be looking for and not just playing every drop or spike. Keep very plain spoken lessons like this coming!

  4. Personal Summary: Multi-day winners up for days and weeks that have loser stop losses triggered can crash the stock. Not because the stock did anything bad, i.e. negative SEC filing or Toxic Diluting. Both shorts covering and people wanting for an opportunity to dip buy the stock can add to the velocity of the bounce back up. Look at previous levels right before breakouts for any indication of possible support or bottom + the level 2 to see if the Bids stack.

  5. Legitimate Discredit like SEC and FBI getting involve will significantly lower a stock price but if its lower because of stop loss or market orders then it should possibly bounce back.The More Time that it builds the bigger panic will come.Check Historical Resistance and Support Levels.

  6. Thanks for explaining dip buying. Looking forward to watching the Level 2 video. Have been studying and watching videos. What are the indicators for when a stock is: 1) overextended, 2) has support, 3) has resistance, and 4) consolidated?

  7. Hey Tim, My name is Shan,. I am from India (Bombay/Mumbai ) I have recently bought @ The complete penny Stock Book, I would like to have you guidance while I ask these.. All these tips and tricks and other guidance that you provide.. Can they be used or implemented in Indian Stock Market as well? Pls do guide further.. Best Regads..

  8. Yo Sykes, you nailed it . This is the best vid out of all of all your vids on how to dip buy . You covered every detail in a complete and compact manor.
    Great strategy for building a small account !
    See you back in the challenge room 🤙

  9. It's one thing to hear Tim talk about it, but I think seeing an example would be help me understand this much better. I know CVSI on August 20th is a good mid-day example of the stop losses being triggered. It ended up gapping almost 100% the next two days after dropping from $9.2 to $3.4 in like two hours , but does anyone have any good morning examples of this?

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