Toram Online – Blacksmith Guide (BS types, difficulty, Item level, Pot, and more) By Lucie Floreé

In this video Lucie, the tec bs, is gonna tell you all that is related to blacksmith in term of types and characteristics. What are blacksmith skills for is too obvious so …


  1. Guys! I made an updated version of this video with corrected information and this time it contains most of the things you need to know for all Blacksmith Types (Proficiency Leveling Guide Included), so check it out! 😺

    In future, I'll make a more detailed Synthesist Version since the Blacksmith Guide above has poor Info regarding Synthesists (However the Tec Blacksmith Guide is already available). So, stay tuned! 😺
    Link to Synthesist Guide:→ Available in future!

    Also, don't forget to check the description/Pinned Comment to Save your Time! 😉

  2. okay i went with only increasing agi and leaving tech stat at 9 so did i do wrong or right? and also i m trying to be both synthesist and bs so i am simultaneously using skill poiints on both and my primary weapon is knuckle so any tips reagarding what to remove and also about the items

  3. I have a question, and hope you see this? been playing for a week,LVL91 157VIT 18Dex 70tec going rest into VIT. I've been making level 30 Plate Armor (decent money for me being a novice). I hit level 30proficiency. I have 67difficulty. Will I fail all my builds if I transition to Knight Armor at 65difficulty??? I have resources to make them, but so expensive I don't want to waste materials for failure. Thank you for your video and advance for helping.

  4. Uhmm.. im going to create a vit bs can you give me tips? Im planning to sell the armors I created. Also thank you for the info this video is really useful for me who just started a bs char. Thank you for your reply

  5. Hi I want to refine my armor and I have full tech bs but the max I can refine is up to +9 does even when I use ori plus anti deg. My bs is lvl 80 with armor lvl 12 prof and synth lvl 106 prof. Does my prof lvl affect the equipment refine success?

  6. Thanks it's helped me understand the difference in what I need dont get me wrong I have a full tech bs and it's lv 150 but I have had a few times where I been wanting to make a a few different types of bs just for fun

  7. Liked& subscribed senpai 😉 liked your FB too (Shishio Makoto) i Love persona 4 too hehe. I'm newbie in toram only played for a week. And I'm gonna ask you something. Someone told me that i should have 2 accounts in toram. First acc is main char and the second acc is Smurf to focus on 'blacksmithing'. What do you think?

  8. I think I understood what you said I'm new to blacksmiths I have a lv 53 blacksmith character with lv 1 blacksmith and lv 12 synthesis so she's fresh to lv up her skills I have her points going all the way in tec then I will put the rest in dex now I hear you say that having max tec is great for synthesis equipment and for blacksmith as well what skills do you recommend I distribute because it's a pain to lv up characters in game and I really want to know what skills are important to have to lv 10 so I can take my time leveling up and making Spina at the same time 🙂 I don't know if that makes sense but please help me XD

  9. Should I put full dex for my bs char and after that I put tec as my secondary stats? Anyway your video is great and understandable except for that weird sign (±)

  10. Hello makoto-san 🙂
    May I ask? When I try crafting, I'm stuck at 15 item level difficulty, I try leveling my bs profiency, cuz when i craft with my level 15 difficulty, its just goes up 1% or not gain exp, if i try anything else my profiency is not enough..
    What shoul I do then?? Sorry for my bad english and sorry to bother you

  11. Hey Makoto, awesome video and as always very helpful and informative : )
    Just a question, i made an armor blacksmith recently and was wondering if i use luck as a secondary stat will it affect and increase my chances of creating slotted/two slot armor?
    Not too sure what to use as secondary stat on armor bs, and do i add it before i max vit or do i max vit first and then start filling another stat?

  12. I want asked you something, im Dual Sword users

    1. How many pots to make A7% CD7% CD13 CR13%? and what your recommendation for – status?
    2. How many pots to make CD13% CD13 CR7% CR13? and what your recommendation for – status?

    Subs for the answers. thanks

  13. Hi Makoto, I am brazilian and i have one question! Before, sorry for my english! hehe I'm seeing some armor and I noticed that they are different from normal, as if they had broken part of them. How do I break parts of the armor and change the appearance of the armor?

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