1. We know there’s nic in them because every body at my school rips everyone off and puts 6 nic in juul pods like wtf😂 and my cuz in Florida said they put honey some times it doesn’t work of course but it’s how to get money for some new ones 😂

  2. Can someone actually tell me the actual side effects of juuling or mylé’s, all I see is the fact that it contains nicotine, but nicotine is an addictive substance it’s not harmful, please answer with some actual side effects of juuling

  3. Juuling is not addictive. I literally own a juul and I only use it on the weekend when I have friends over and I never feel addicted. They make it sound so bad but really it’s not.

  4. This in violation of our rights! As of now it is legal to buy tobacco products where I live at the age of 18. They should not be violating my now technical “right” to smoke in any way shape or form. I should be able to purchase any flavor I want. What’s next the EPA is gonna ban strictly Diesel vehicles from being driven….

  5. I am so addicted to Jull, I actually have two I go into a full blown panic attack. I always have on one charger for back up to switch out. I actually tried to a hair band and where it on my arm so I don't set it down and loose. I myself as well sleep with it attached to my arm under my pillow so I never loose it. I got some Garila Warefare. And it taste so good, and I need a jolt I squirt it directly into my mouth and just savor the flavor. I vape in my sleep!!

  6. "a few drops of this and YOU ARE ADDICTED FOR LIFE" ha this video is completely filled with false claims backed up by no evidence what so ever. where is the evidence that supports that vapor from an e cig carries carcinogens and are transfered by "third hand smoke" ? fake news. propaganda. bullshit.

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