1. Good to see you & Winston going forward with the show. I had prostate CA.I'm 5 years CA free now. I prayed & went to the doctor & survived. I don't know if you pray but I pray for you. I'm sure that with 81K subscribers I'm not the only one. Your situation is much more serious but with what you know & the natural medicine I'm hopeful you'll make a full recovery. I really appreciate the time & effort you've put in to these videos. I tried my hand at growing weed & really enjoyed the growing tips on your show. I plan to grow again when I can do so legally & know I'll refer to your grow show. On an earlier show you had a problem with unhooking your light. My wife & I watched & laughed because we ran into the same problem once.

  2. Cheff the only thing i look forward to is weds and fri. Watching your videos. Your an awesome person and glad i can across your videos. That's from the heart!. Do you think your gonna do a close up with the strains from your outdoor harvest?

  3. You really need to start using fabric pots. It stops root bound by air trimming and velcro tape sticks to it for low stress training. The velcro tape allows you to control the height of your canopy as well as take advantage of the lower half of the plant that usually never gets light. More tops. Plastic is bad. And, for your indoor plants check out Ceramic Metal Halide lights. Cheaper than LED's and half the watts and heat from an equivalent HPS light. And, to double your yield try using Foxfarm's Open Sesame and Beastie Blooms. They really work! I also like to use either Recharge or Great White bacteria for super fast root growth. House&Garden's Root Excelurator Gold will make your roots grow huge!! Bigger roots = bigger mouths. I used to work in a hydro store with professional growers. Those are all of my secrets.

  4. Hey chef,did you ever find out what turned that first batch of medicine into a red/pink powder,the one you made with your son?I have an outlandish theory mysf,which may or may not be completely off target,but ive been thinking about it anyway.Hope the cancer is getting destroyed ,and thanks for sharing your life with us,sending good vibes your way.

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