1. Just stop!! NC has so much red tape and old school politicians, your never gonna get anything done with these old dusty brainwashed people that got fed a bunch of BS back in the 30s and still running with it, you will have to drain that swamp in NC to move on any bill. Believe me NC will be the last state to even think about legalizing marijuana.

  2. I agree we should reduce the chance of dangerous substances but Cannabis is not one of them in fact it is used to remove people from there opiate addictions and other addictions holding the people back does not let them heal with something more safe and could save there life and have greater benefit then any prescription drug and we are seeing that to be true in the last few years as we move to more common seance and real facts not unscientific proof and fables of scary Cannabis and we clearly know None have died from cannabis and over 100,000 Deaths from Operate and prescriptions in a year you tell me with is the safer alternative clearly Cannabis is the safer choice and i would like to see North Carolina catch up and get educated about what true facts and benefits that people are getting from cannabis still skeptical ? watch these documentary the information alone will amaze you.

    1-3 of the strudys what you are about to see is 100% real and done no one was paid or asked to lie for the sake of legalization real people real testimonies and real Doctors and Researchers.

    Next is the last of the study's #4 Cannabis vs Pills – this one is also factual and shows the study's done and proof


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