1. Got this give up smoking guide “fetching zemzem site” (Google it) for my boyfriend. Reading through the guidebook helped him to avoid smoking momentarily, however, he did came back after neglecting to read it for awhile. He is reading through the guide midway, and with the aid of a nicotine gum, he has already progressed to avoid smoking completely.

  2. I vape just because I like the taste better and just feel like it's a much smoother hit. I don't wanna mess up my lungs and smoke 10 times, when I'd only need to dab like twice. I also like how it smells much less. I don't mind what other people smoke, everybody has their own preference. That being said, I personally don't like weed smoke in my house, especially in my room. I kind've like the smell, but I just really don't like my stuff getting stained with a weed smell. The way I try explaining it to other people is by comparing it to smoking cigarettes. OF COURSE they are both completely different, except for how the smell can stain and spread. In the same way most people don't smoke cigarettes indoors just to be considerate of other people, I feel the same way about weed. Now, of course weed isn't as toxic as cigarettes, but smoke is ALWAYS bad for your lungs, no matter what. The ONLY things your lungs like is regular clean air. TBH I don't care if people smoke weed or not, I'm not trying to be a square or anything, I just wish people were a bit more considerate with the smoke since it can stain. That's why if I have friends over who smoke the plant (not concentrate), we just go outside and smoke there (I live in a recreational marijuana state).

    BTW really like the videos guys! Keep up the good work! It's actually because of your videos that I happened to be one of the lucky few who got the Puffco Peak!

  3. You guys should absolutely sell the Journey pipes. They let you snuff your bowl and keep control of your smoke. I’ve got a Journey 3 and a Sploofy filter—great combination for stealth smoking.

  4. I was very lucky to have both my mum and my sister that smoked weed before me. We always had a sane way of handling it where we would all do our things: school, university, work, workout and stuff, and watched eachothers so we always had a productive live despite smoking weed (yes, it does affect your will to do stuff, who would have thought right?) it was awesome… Now that I live on my own I wish I had my family back to do stuff like that together once again..

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