1. So, I have adhd. Which is the result of my brain lacking in dopamine..so if nicotine is attaching to the neurons in my brain and releasing dopamine wouldn’t that be a good thing?? Or is it just as bad?

  2. If you’re trying to quit smoking don’t juul its way harder to quit than smoking cigarettes try a vape that doesn’t use nicotine salt and has a lower amount of nicotine

  3. Guys just because juuling is safer it doesn’t mean it is safe it is still nicotine this is how addictions begin. By using something such as alcohol cigarettes or Juuls to make you feel different

  4. I have a juul but out of pods… because the vape sites in canada are becoming more strict on assuring to not send it to kids, I can’t get none and I’ve been sober for over a month.. crazy how easy it was for me to buy online before.. and I think people could buy illegal weed on websites, not dark web sites

  5. My friend's dad is a druggy and does both. He smokes with her in the car. I remember one time when I was invited to her birthday we went to a fair and he was smoking. I didn't want to offend anyone so I just kind of held my breath and tried not to inhale it just in case.

  6. You failed to point out, nicotine itself is not a harmful chemical in the right amount, it's comparable to caffeine. Yes it is habit forming, but it in itself does not cause harm in the proper amount. The other chemicals mixed with these products are what do or could cause harm. You called nicotine a "mind altering drug" which isnt inaccurate, but so is caffeine.

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