1. Hi aaron I'm sorry you got to go threw some much red tape it's bs.i live in Washington,seattle area weed legal here and it helps with my low back pain I wish you the best high cbd is what you want . taking pain pills for the birds so let me know how it goes cbd oil in your food will help you I really enjoy ur videos keep positive and happy holidays.

  2. Hey there brother, I’m a quadriplegic too. C3 to c6. I got some questions for you If we can talk over social media. Instagram WhatsApp. Or Skype +917464940647 add me over WhatsApp. Or nannhey over Instagram

  3. Hey Aaron, not sure what state your in . but here in Fla. im applying for mine , its really CONFUSING..each person I talked to gave me a different answer..you head spins around..see doc next week… plus $250 (veteran discount) OMG its a mess…Visited Denver a few weeks ago , a whole lot simpler, went to dispencery and got my brownies…LOL…problem solved

  4. Did you mean CBD oil? I've done some looking into this. It could potentially solve a lot of my problems and eliminate pills. I have problems, though, when it comes to regulation and consistentcy of the products. I think PA is going to have more standards in place than other states, but it's not like the FDA is testing before marketing and checking dosage and quality of what's on the market. Were you referred to this doctor by one if your regular doctors? Are they supportive of this? Keep us updated!

  5. I watched another channel and the girl said the medical marijuana did not help her pain. Not trying to be negative, obviously it helps some people. Yeah everything in PA is just a racket for State to get cash. But if it works it will be worth it. Let us know how it goes.

  6. Aaron you look great and hopefully things will work out for you with your pain relief. In the meantime you and family have a Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃 and be safe should you travel anyplace.

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