1. The oil is great I put a jar in my buttery potatoes and I was was impressed by how well it went together and tasted great not only that I felt like I was on cloud 9 mby I put to much in lol anyway had the best sleep I’ve had in longtime so this works well if your having sleeping problems or insomnia it’s very refreshing not needing to spark up so often! Just get this and bam sorted for 6-12hrs!

  2. Mate that is fucking awful about the fire, completely agree that if cannabis if you need cannabis as a medicine it doesn't matter what age. Loved the video, felt more natural like you didn't have to think all the time, it was more like a conversation, it's made a massive difference! Couldn't stop laughing at how stoned you were 😂 Going to have to try out this coconut oil soon I want to get that stoned haha

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