1. Don't be confused. Democracy was never part of Utah. There is good reason why the Mormon church is referred to as the Utah Taliban. The Mormon church rules this state, not the people. It's always been like that. Even its politicians need the receive the blessing of the Mormon church before they can govern.

  2. Utah sounds a lot like Oklahoma. We just changed our liquor laws where you can purchase wine and regular beer in stores now. They're also trying to stall access to medical weed, but failing miserably. These people lose their damn minds over the phantom threat of sharia law, but not a peep over these authoritarian cultist fucktwits trying to force us to follow their religious laws.

  3. So, separation of church and state is no longer a real thing. You may think a non-violent rebellion is the way to go, but you do not see the violence in religious oppression and economic terrorism taking place in the offices of power, the battle is already lost. Utah should rename itself as the "Cultists" state.

  4. #Fraud you can not put a bill vote on it pass it then change it after it has passed this is going to be challenged in court I think you need to challenge this in court. #Mpp #Norml #USLAWS #Trump #USsenate #Usrepresentives #Ushouse #Voterfraud #IRS #LDS #Churchofladderdaysaints

    Take them to court and fight it they can not change the bill after it has passed that's Fraud and the church needs to back out and should not be writing legislation #IRS #501C This church is a 501 c church and is not paying taxes and the IRS should be informed they are in politics trying to run the states Legislation #FederialLAW #Voters it is time for the Feds to step in and Investigate this church and these Abuse of Voters and there rights its time for the FBI and the DOJ to step in and #Investigate this fraud and abuse. Also the IRS needs to investigate this church they are using money for political change after a bill was voted on and passed? Time for the Government to step in #USGoverment

  5. The LDS Church is written into the State Constitution since the Mormons could write, with over-ride and over-sight privileges and WILL BE CONSIDERED GOD'S FINAL AUTHORITY within the State of Utah.

  6. In Oregon the OLCC ( Oregon liquor commission ) Is trying to kill our medical marijuana bill and put us in the new recreational cannabis market. This is an outdated remnant of prohibition and the deal with the church to have their say on mortality. The church's keep this cancer fighting medicine from their followers and is immoral to the root.

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