Jeff Sessions Reversing Policy That Let Legal Pot Flourish 2018

Jeff Sessions is back to his old tricks Reversing Policy That Let Legal Pot Flourish Gardner Defends States’ Rights on Senate Floor You can find me here.


  1. Great report! I'm sure Trump will intervene. Sessions is bound to stick to Trump's promises and I don't think Trump will take that well or allow it. The nation is too awake for you now, Sessions. Time for you to go back and be supported by your tobacco buddies.

  2. Call me crazy, dumb, stupid, racial slur, whatev; I think this is DJT strategy. He wants Sessions OUT, and THIS is the hemp rope DJT is handing him to hang himself. DJT is going to turn on Sessions on this issue…he just has to get this duck lined up, and the duck took the bait. Hopeful. Socioeconomic Empowerment to the PEOPLE! copright 2009. No blog, free read, NOH8

  3. Sessions is a Clinton clone a 1950 60 70 lie's and brain washing a pizza party Queen ,one track mind ,git the weed smoker let the baby raping murdering evil butt buddy's of his off .got to git that weed smoker .he got weed growing in his closest ,hi treason public hangings

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