1. When I was a student in India Pune city I used to fill it in cigarettes with no tobacco mix three cigarettes at one time, one thing else it's not getting crushed properly with hand I had a something special for it lol damn missing all those memories

  2. Any non indian who watches this might puke at the quality of the weed.. but the fact is that,this is the type of shit that is most often available.. and worst part about it is the uneducated dealer nibbas add fertilizer,affeem, or even rat poison.. putting the health of indian stoners on the line..

  3. Bhqi mene teen baar try kia! Mene bina tobacco ke kia! Pehli baar eyes thodi choti hui bss! Agli baar asar hi ni hua! Phir mene teesre baar pura packet lia saari stems and seeds nikal kar kia! Phir bhi kuch ni hua bss hote jala! 😔 Help,

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