Heroin Free Humpday – How I Got Through Heroin Addiction & Alcohol Abuse

Matt talks more about his journey through addiction and how he believes that he was using things like heroin and alcohol to fill a void in his life. Subscribe: …


  1. I feel like you guys my brothers and I really identify myself with you both, so just wanted to share with you, that just right now, ordered Body solid corner leverage plate load gym package GLGS100P4. Hopefully it will help me to get through the hardest times.

  2. I see this channel being a million subscriber channel so why the heck do you only have 900 something?I have an idea…To all current subscribers,Share,share,and share some more!!!Great hump day vid!

  3. Great Video! Thank you!❤️
    I went through a short period of drinking, but that’s not the answer, either. We just have to face ourselves, and move forward with positive things to do.

  4. Excellent content once again. I share all your videos or bring your channel up to anyone struggling with addiction. Great point of view and encourage people to get on a maintenance program if they've tried to quit on their own without success. Continue this channel and your videos Matt and Greg. God Bless.

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