Flakka Zombie Demon Possession & Drugs(Pharmakeia)

Flakka is called the $5 Insanity Drug(For just $5, a single dose can cause severe paranoia, zombie-like behavior, and superhuman strength), the impact of this …


  1. Gives me horrible anxiety to watch those people on that awful drug. I've used many drugs in the past including bath salts but not flakka. My friend died from the drug, it's very very sad 😢😢 I pray for all the people addicted to drugs that Jesus would set them free.

  2. There is like a weird and strange connection between drugs and spiritism and demonic possesion . i have seen two guys who have been doing drugs for a very long time and now their faces look as if they were possessed by something. they are not in their right minds anymore .

    kind of interesting to know that ancient magic users drugs to practice magic .

  3. This shit is hella true just look back at ancient cultures.. Egyptians any culture they used these drugs to communicate with "their gods" the shrooms these used it all!!!!

  4. THIS IS WHY MARIHUANA HAS BEEN LEGALIZED……it is a door to demonic influence/possession. Dumbed down people have less control of their grip on reality and are "OPEN" to commit mistakes…mistakes induced by demons living thru them and separating them from living in Jesus Christ. THIS IS NO EXAGERATION OR HYPOTHESIS…this is REALITY. You better BELIEVE IT AND STRENGTHEN YOUR FAITH.
    ANY DRUG IS A GATEWAY…to demonic influence.
    GOD BLESS U ALL…put on the whole armour of GOD.

  5. It's called biochemical warfare!! Anyone caught makes no it should be given it themselves get life in prison or death penalty!! If someone makes it they should definitely get locked up and give doses of their own medicine!! And if they survive that then get death penalty!!! What is the normal procedure and penalty for any other chemical weapon?? Think this is being taken to lightly and no reason it shouldn't get shut down immediately!! But like all other drugs if the government wanted it gone it would be gone!! But no they don't want it gone they want all idiots to keep getting it and doing it and kill each other with it!! Everyone who does it is doing exactly what they want and consider you all doing the world a favor eventually!! Do another y'all have fun doesn't it look so fun isn't it funny!! It's not funny it's not a joke and anyone who thinks it is, is just a complete idiot!! They too deserve to get locked up or have it administered to them!!!!there has got to be greater consequences for this!! This World is to laxed!!!and people complain about weed? What a joke they need to get rid of all this crap including alcohol and cigarettes and straight legalize weed.. it would be a greater planet!! Less crime and more people happy and functional!!

  6. You Dont have to believe in Jesus to not get possessed you just have to have a connection to your own higher mind I've been in an out of this realm and yes I have felt evil there but if you positively align your self with higher vibration then your fine

  7. “You will not surely die. 5 For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

    ooops america getting PfHucked in the aArsehole again ……ROFL lmfao…


    FAT SOW – GOOD FOR "SEEDING " – 11:09 TO 11:17

  8. This is a whole. new another level of. scary. and this if you're not. a. God fearing person you're doomed and at the same time who or why would. if you're. into God. nothing or nother one. can take these poor people are lost and have. no mimdset. All I gotta say is brace you're self cause you gonna get it .and won't. escape it. but any how. may God. protect us..

  9. Demens, sjhaman and witchdokters or none to take drugs an look very confinsing for the tribe being posesed by the spirits. Mordern siance call it brain injury.

  10. Not very smart to involve the bible in this. Not a drug warning the DA would give out. to feel one is posessed by demons but it is the drug that make's people feel that way. Taking drugs can make you feel like if the end times is here. Don't take drugs!

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