1. Sometimes when I’m super high my thoughts get so loud and I think people can hear my thoughts, and I’m like I’m either talking to myself in my thoughts or I’m actually talking.

  2. one time i got high, man i mean like so high that i wanted some captain crunch….i went in the kitchen….next thing i knew i was eating that shit….crazy

  3. I went to go pay for my gas and I drove off with the nozzle still inside my gas tank lol everybody was laughing but I stopped at the gas station on the regular so the attendant didn't give me a hard time lol

  4. I had rode my bike (bicycle) to a house party that had a smoke room i sat in there smoking for like 2 hours. I had to ride home everybody waw like ur going to ride to the Bronx, I was like yeah (im more alert when Im high) i was riding eveything was cool until…. i saw this pole and in my mind Im like I see the pole but i ran smack dead in the pole it was 3 am a dude helped me up and yry to holla. Boy Bye Im High

  5. See a few comments about stories sound like they was smoking something else lol. If you have no tolerance at all, even if you're an everyday smoker, try stop smoking for a few weeks. If you smoke something seriously potent it can be damn near a psychedelic experience. Maybe a lot of you just smoke a whole lot or have some weak stuff.

  6. First time smoking moon rock i was in the car never do that again first off i mixed the moon rock wit Gelato!!!"how high was i trying to get"!?!? im happy it was a lil late in the evening that shit had me stopping at green lights and pulling off on the red! Yoo never again in the car!!! Crazy thing about it my friend was ridding wit i she didnt think i was doing anything wrong🤣🤣🤣 terrible co pilot…

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