Cannabis News – The End of the Marijuana Party Bus? | Ep. 277 | 11-27-2018

Joe Klare discusses possible adult use cannabis sales in Vermont, the case of My 420 Tours in Colorado and the notion that restrictive medical marijuana laws …


  1. The Party Bus is here to stay. Bring back the Party Bus! 🙂 Am i free to go or am i being detained? if i am not free to go then i am being forcefully taken and imprisoned. never say i was arrested an arrest is a legitimate lawful action. file a complaint in the court of record for False Arrest and sign your name on all documents without predjudice then your signature invoking the common law. Intro to common law – Part One…on youtube. if you dont know what that is maybe you otta check it out. if you dont know what without predjudice means maybe you shoud find out before you sign your name like that. its not too hard to learn a 12 year old can figure it out.

  2. The bus incident shows that cannabis is not truly legal anywhere in the US. So you have states surrounded by hostile feds and hostile local "authorities". So the tour company should SUE. Always sue. Always.

  3. Colorado cops are a bunch of punks that are bored that had a f*** with somebody cuz they're having too much fun I agree with what you say if we're not screwing with anybody infringing on their rights what right do they have the screw with us no right they have no right to screw with us but because they're a bunch of dicks with badges on their f**** shoulder they think their God and they could fuc with all of us I hope this blows up in their face and the bus company wins f uck those cops they've been feeding off of us like vampires for decades anyways

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