Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB) receives Final regulatory approval & Completes acquisition of ICC Labs

Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB) receives Final regulatory approval & Completes acquisition of ICC Labs – RICH TV LIVE – November 22, 2018 – Aurora Cannabis …


  1. Yes ACB keeps jumping around in the stock market and are generally low in price. But they continue week after week making all the right decisions for the future. Nothing is done without a lot of thought and intelligent people. They know what they are doing. I would not be surprised if someday they ended as the top pot stock.

  2. Good news this should help the blood bath that we have seen in MJ stocks. Do you think the first step of the farm bill on Monday help MJ stocks? I think it might start a nice December run into q4 reports. Who knows just like you said we are at war.

  3. This expands the company's science team BIG TIME. That's really one of the main reasons to be invested in Aurora, for me. They have one of the (if not THE) strongest science team on the planet. When it comes down to innovations they blow everybody out of the water!

  4. These top cannabis companies are expanding as fast as they are able. IGOD had a bad Q3 report on the surface but they are expanding for the future. Rich you guys up there love some ACB. Long game.

  5. Happy thanksgiving Rich. I was on a vacation for 17 days and Aurora is back at 8 CAD again? Good thing my average is 11 CAD 🤣 Long and strong with ACB looking forward to 2020 company earning reports 😆

  6. Hey Rich, I know you're probably not allowed to do this but I have a lil cash to play with. Can u give me one of your great picks that u think I should buy?
    Trust me, I'm not holding u responsible….

  7. Erin B

    Before the weed legalization- new news would make the weed stocks sky rocket 🚀 now it may help it a little mybe by .5cents ! Lots of day traders there – no long term investors

  8. My biggest position is in aurora big man ! I didn’t sell when it was high ! I should have but once it goes up I will consider it otherwise I can hold it longer🤔 3 years – my $30 per share?

  9. Hey rich

    Thanks my man for sharing the news ! U the man champ ! Today I added more shares to my aurora position 🤙🏻😃

    Hopefully it will go up so I gain gain back my loose

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