You Get a Free 93 Overall Harvest Player! Who Do You Choose? Ranking Video! Madden 19 Ultimate Team

Hello everyone, ChewbaccaLemma here! In today’s video we rank all of the 93 overall players. Who are you going to choose for your free 93? #nms #madden …


  1. Chewy, great vid but I have a question about Casey vs McCoy. You mentioned Casey being better because he plays better than McCoy at DT. Does out of position not affect ratings/stats? I've read somewhere it doesn't matter, as many people run Aarond Donald at DT in certain scenarios.

  2. Hi big fan love your break down of the game. But I have a question for you. Do you think EA will ever put Eric Dickerson in the game and do you think if he does get in the game. Do you think he will be the number one rb. I mean he his 6"3" 225 runs a 4.1 40 yd . And he was a power back. What you think. And thanks for the videos.

  3. I have brees powered up and pulled mahones and sold him . My free one I picked slay I have powered up . I will be buying the kamara because on my saints theme team even more of a beast.

  4. I guess if a guy is just dead-set on running GD on their WR's that it should probably come in to play when ranking Thielen because he doesn't quite match up on some stats I have yet to play the man fully powered up just yet but I must say his stock beat press number sounds quite impressive for at least comparing against most any potential slot receiver readily available Really my only other concern is thoughts on Arron Donald @ RE (and/or DT) Not trying to speculate that the other cards may not see more boosts later in the Season but I would suspect both Thielen and Donald to continue trending up My apologies for being long-winded but lastly I wouldn't be near so quick to rank CB's too highly among available cards because they're so fluid Guys like Casey Hayward still making plays for my team Honestly I can't really say I would rank the cards completely the opposite because for one thing, Wentz may not wind up Top Dawg at QB Plus I'm just not the biggest fan at all of Kamara I mean I have Ricky CMac and Beast Mode plus Sweetness is out there now (I would suspect any RS half back does 10X more good then Kamara for my team)

  5. I got Mahomes and Theilen I have Vikings chem to tier 5? (idk the one with +1 speed) and maxed out go deep theilen has 99 beat press for me and 91 speed he plays like a God for me. And mahomes I've had his power up since they brought him in so I got his as well and now he never misses a throw.

  6. Adam thelin is a beast pretty fast on base not to mention plus 1 with power up n always if you got john madden its plus 1 on everything on the card then finally GD makes him the best slot guy in the game with 67 rb !!!

  7. Finally somebody respects Casey. I feel like he’s been overlooked. He’s def the best RE in the game. I honestly have him tied for 1st with Mahomes. I think Mahomes is overrated with Vick and McNabb and so many QBs in the game. I don’t think Slay is that special. You said the same thing every other YouTuber I’ve watched has said “I don’t know where he would play on my team”. Most people’s CBs are pretty set. So many good CBs in the game so his value is a little less to me. Great card just maybe not as valuable as he seems.

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