Will Mexico Ever Legalize Weed?

On this episode of ‘VICE INTL,’ we take an inside look at the push to legalize weed in Mexico and spoke with one of the movement’s high-profile advocates, …


  1. No se deje engañiar El gov no le inporta la salude de la jente nomas qiren very como y cunto van ganer simpre es El dinero.. the government could care less about what you're doing it's always about how they're going to benefit and how much money they're going to make it's always about the money remember that..

  2. Mexico could be a pioneering nation in the legalization, pharmacization, regulation and even revolutionized addiction treatment involving all drugs of abuse. Maybe after that, we could focus on the Canadian MDMA cartels and traffickers, slinging ecstasy into our country. Maybe then we'll realize the "big beautiful wall" is on the wrong border.

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  4. Alcohol and cigarettes are socially excepted pretty much all around the world and there has never been one medical benefit from either of them yet Marijuana is illegal and its been proven since Man Discovered it that it helps in so many ways! As a politician how can you see parents sitting there begging and pleading to legalize something that is proving to help? Now if this isnt a personal attack what else is it?

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