1. I live in California and its really gray and rainy right now. Its 57 outside and I feel so cold. lol My dads pit bull was born with a lot of skin issues like mange. He was just so miserable and bumpy and had hair loss. They tried everything and the only thing that fixed it was a raw diet. He ideally would still be on it now that he is 5 and hes got some spinal/hip issues but he just started refusing to eat it, and it was becoming a real struggle for them. They tried the dehydrated food too but he hated that as well and had the loose stools, but now he just eats Taste of the Wild dry food and he does really well. I have 2 pit bulls and 2 cats myself, and I would love to feed raw but my own health just doesn't let me stay consistent like you said you have got to be when you feed raw. So they all get a high quality grain free food as well. They do very well on it compared to our old dog who passed a couple years back who was fed Iams. She had many health problems such a seizures, and her health only improved slightly in her old age when we switched her to those refrigerated logs of food, the poor girl. It really makes a difference what you feed them so I understand how some people get worked up when you talk about what you feed your dog. But as long as you're doing the best you can and the dog is healthy, it shouldn't be such a big issue.

  2. I'm from the north east of the UK and we have a huge storm right now so its very cold, dark and lots of rain. My favourite weather is both when it's snowy and you can bundle up at home close to Christmas, and summer nights when everything finally starts to cool and the sun sets 🙂

  3. I was born in Melbourne FL and I really miss the weather there. At the current moment, I live in Maryland and it’s fluctuating between mid 30’s to upper 40’s. My body doesn’t do well with cold and I’m prone to getting sick easier when it’s cooler.

  4. Where I live in Asheville North Carolina it’s 38 degrees. I love this weather because I love that I can have heavy blankets on me. If it’s not cold enough I will open my window a little bit

  5. Scotland it’s 55-60 mph winds raining as mini weather front passing by. I have MS I relate A LOTto you. My temperature is April spring time 15-20c. You do Fahrenheit so that 56c to you. Warm enough to tan but cool enough to not have walking issues and fatigue with sun beating down on me slowing me down.

  6. i live on the lakeshore of wisconsin, and its 24 degrees! i don't go outside much so not sure how it feels today, but yesterday it was pretty windy and biting. its cold in the house too, so not much fun. heater blanket time, and ready for my cat to pin me to the back of my bed with her weight tryna get as much heat as she can.

  7. I’m from west Michigan. Right now it’s cloudy in the upper 20s, and there’s still several inches of snow on the ground from when a cold front came in over the weekend (I got a TERRIBLE migraine from it >.<). It’s actually unusually warm. We’ve only gotten snow twice so far this winter (usually it’s snowed at least a dozen times by now), and it’s been in the 40s-50s a lot a lot during what we consider winter here. Personally I really like spring 😌 early spring isn’t always that fun because the ground is still frozen so we get a lot of standing water and mud from melting snow not being able to absorb into the ground. Later spring is so nice though 😍 nice and warm (but not too warm) and everything’s so green and alive!! I just love it! Especially after a long winter with soo much white everywhere and little life around.

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