What light spectrum does weed need to grow? – Growing Cannabis 201: Advanced Grow Tips

In this lesson learn what kind of light weed needs to grow. Find out what is the best light spectrum for growing weed, the best light spectrum for vegetative growth …


  1. Hello teacher, can You help me please?
    I'm goin to solder my own custom fito LED. So i want to buy 10wt UV LED, 10wt yellow, 10wt green, 10wt white and 10wt IR LED plus 100wt Blue and 100wt Red LED. Is it enough for 60X60X150 growbox? Thank You.

  2. Man I'm so confused I thought more blue light meant more overall veg growth but not as tight internodes as red I watched this video about a study from some university in america https://youtu.be/VOTivpZleVw
    Anyway I'm saving for a really good cob lighting system but I'm just not sure if I should go with 3000k or 3500k of you were doing a typical 4 week veg 8 week flower what would you get the 3000 or 3500?

  3. its not all spectrum! spectrum is nothing if there's no power( photons) in your lights. and the light your trying to push evey two min isnt all that .photons over spectrum will always win

  4. Keep it simple , you're dont need 100 bottles of nutrient old school mh was good for 30 years , new school cmh is killer ! Most hardware is over priced , you can grow an awesome plant with 8 , 40 watt CFLs 4 , 2700 , 4, 6500k , with training !

  5. Heyy.. please help me. I dont have access to a grow light, what light can i use instead.. can i use a led…what should i look out for.. thanks and keep up the videos i love them ❤️

  6. Very good explaination in an all in one video, your vids are highly educative and eazy to understand, no too much blabla and clear shemas, i'm on a perpetual twin box 90x50x200 cm , I have all the stages of each week in the flower tent,(2 100w rapidled pucks) I have a far red flowering trigger, a reptil UVB-UVA bulb on the last week plants, now I have a better view of wich wavelenght I have to put where to achieve my goals. So I need a bit of blue for the 4 first week plants, and a bit more red on the last week plants where the UV bulb is, will try to let my flower trigger all day on to have emerson effect with the 660nm leds on the pucks.

  7. Wow! This is a great educational video on the various light spectrums. I leaned alot, thank you. Can you tell me which distances do you keep your lights at each stage? By the way, your mainlining video helped me tremendously. I harvested a few weeks ago and decided that mainlining is my go to grow option. Great work Indica Institute!!

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