1. I just started using CBD and for anxiety I did notice a calming effect 👍🏼
    So many more health benefits too
    Definitely sleep much better now too 👌
    It’s legal here so the drops I heard are the best .

  2. God bless you for sharing your life story. I started taking Hydroxyzine 50 HLC once a day and Alprazolam. 05 twice a day even though my therapist wanted me to take it 3 times a day on March 13th of this year. It's been 2 months since I stopped taking Hydroxyzine and 4 months taking Alprazolam once a day and I want to start taking half of the Alprazolam. I am definitely going to try CBD oil .

  3. Hi, I noticed in one of your comments that you are on progesterone. Were you experiencing insomnia because of a hormonal imbalance? I ask because I think this might be contributing to my insomnia. I had horrible postpartum insomnia and one of the medications I was placed on was a high dose of Klonopin. I took this for almost a year, until I became tolerant. I have been completely off of it for about 14 months. During my taper and withdrawal my sleep wasn’t that great but I always managed to get some sleep each night. Now at 14 months the insomnia I experienced postpartum is back, which means going 2 nights in a row without sleep. I don’t know if I’ve been hit by a severe wave or something else hormone wise is going on.

  4. Good to see you again! Coincidently last week I tried some edible THC and I noticed an effect on my anxiety. It was not major enough to continue (not recommended) but I would love to try your suggestion. Also my father has severe insomnia, he has tried CBD oil but the dosage and potency is questionable. Which product would you recommend and general dosage advice? As far as your husband has he ever tried Kratom? Unfortunately it's very controversial now and possible on the verge of being banned but it has helped hundreds of thousands with pain relief. I use it daily as my neck and lower back is riddled with deteriorated and bulging disks. Herbal Salvation is a trusted source I wish him success in his search for pain relief. I am still stuck at 2.5mgs valium 2/day but I am determined to heal someday. With that said, thank you so much for all your videos. You have already helped me more than you will ever know.
    Here is an informational link about Kratom for your husband.
    * Update. I'm sure you remember the impulsiveness that goes along with benzo withdrawal. 🙂 I purchased both products. I would still love your input or if you know of some good sources of information.

  5. Ive lowered my dose of clonezapam to .25. Work and exercise are the hardest things but most beneificial for confidence. Thanks for your insight…look forward to your videos. 🙏💗

  6. 😥 I got Cervical Instability per Dr Bolognese. He did a Harris & Grabbs/Oakes measurement of the CCJ.. 😒
    Seems I'm very close to needing fusion. Yeah @ the same time in BW… 😡 No break

  7. Hi Jocelyn, your videos have been so helpful to me as I am tapering off of diazepam so I am glad to see you back with a new one! I can absolutely vouch for the fact that CBD is incredible for so many problems. I was not sleeping at all most nights until I found a good quality, broad spectrum CBD oil. It has also helped me to reduce my withdrawal symptoms when I lower my dose of diazepam, which feels like a miracle 🙂 I wish you the best with your company!

  8. I take 1mg 3 times a day of xanax and tried CBD I vaped it ,in drops, high CBD based marijuana ..and it seems like cbd helped a tiny bit but I notice that when I got extremely anxious and had a panic attack which I get daily the normal dose wouldn't work I had to up my mg in xanax to calm myself down. I've heard its because the Benzos and CBD break down in the liver I think and it takes longer and it took away the benefits of the benzos I wish I new a way to quit it

  9. I have paradoxes syndrome with just about everything CBD oil included but many of us to have this problem so be careful and go slow and low with anything in this field medical marijuana is also tricky it’s loaded with a lot of THC so be careful

  10. Thank you for all your information greatly appreciate the work you are doing, as someone nearing the end of my taper I feel strongly about spreading the message you are in hopes that more people can prevent themselves from being in a terrible pharmaceutical trap. Sharing your info and look forward to seeing more. You have helped me greatly this past year 🙏❤️

  11. I am healing from iatrogenic illness caused by antidepressants. I was doing well but am currently having a setback. I have been wanting to try CBD oil to see if it helps but I’m also afraid to because I have heard horror stories of people getting setbacks from trying CBD oil. You can never really know the truth of some of these stories and whether it was really a CBD or something else or if I set back was going to happen anyway as it very well can happen when you have done nothing “wrong” to trigger it. I have had both experiences of trying something that revved things up but I’ve also had setbacks from nothing at all ( like this current one) as this is the way my body heals. What is your opinion on CBD for people in withdrawal and have you heard horror stories or more happy stories of it helping people? I know you stated it is not for everyone. I would hate to miss out on something that could help but would also not like to make anything worse. I am 4 years off psych meds and can tolerate a lot more than ever before so I’m tempted to try it for help with remaining symptoms and aiding in the rest of my healing process. Thank you!

  12. I'm so glad you posted! Too many who successfully taper off drugs, get back into life and "forget" about those of us who are still on the journey. We need to hear what life is like after a taper. I'm DRUG-FREE! I still have insomnia and body pain, but I'm not anywhere like the first month. I'm out walking again – 4 miles a day. I can only walk in the morning because my body tightens up throughout the day. I'm healing – slowly buy surely. Those first months were pure hell and filled with fear. I used "Charlotte's Web" CBD Oil but it's soooo expensive and I had to stop taking it. I have no idea which brands actually work and how they work. Your suggestion is worth a try. How would I use a lotion for insomnia? I really hate drinking oil and if I could use a lotion instead of oil, I would prefer that. 82 weeks off Klonopin, 47 weeks of Topamax and 6 weeks off Effexor XR. Take care my friend and congratulations on your healing. Janet from Sacramento

  13. Jocelyn, thanks for sharing. CBD worked the first time I used it, but never worked after that. I will try leeflyorganics and report back. Smoking weed gives me dp/dr.
    How are you doing now? Do you sleep every night? How many hours? Have you ever felt dementia from the drugs?

  14. FECO, flower, edibles stop myclonic seizures, destroy insomnia, provide calming of the nerve signals.
    Indicas are best, generally, but the terpenes are key, I guess, regardless of strain.
    Kratom can help same issues, but won't fix insomnia.

  15. You're absolutely gorgeous & Informative. I feel your pain. Took me 2 years to taper off of Benzos. A complete nightmare!! I was always a Marijuana smoker before benzos, for depression. Marijuana showed up on my blood work ordered by my doctor. He told me to stop using Marijuana because it was supposedly "leading to my panic attacks" blah blah blah…Long story short… fuck the medical field. I'm back to using Marijuana based products, and I feel like myself again. It's been over a year. I have my career, family, and even sex life back. No panic attacks, no anxiety, no rebound from benzos. To each their own…. but my advice…People… stop placing your life in the hands of doctors. The money grab scheme they're on is absolute horse shit, to be frank here. There are always natural remedies to our illnesses. It may take you a while to figure it out, but well worth the work. God bless you all, and may God expose & parish all evil on his land. 🙏❤

    Btw.. what was causing my panic attacks the entire time was a minor thyroid issue, I later found out when I changed my doctors. Some professionals, huh?! I'ma vegetarian now. It has worked wonders for my life.

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