1. He always conveyed so much of his pain beneath the surface but not even that far beneath to those who were able to see it for obvious. Sad that he’s gone. Sometimes pain so deep for so long just never leaves and can’t be silenced no matter how much u have or where u go.

  2. It's kinda like that feeling when people get fkd over by cops, and some folks think that they're over reacting.
    What would it take to like and trust the police again, LOL
    Thumbs up for Anthony

  3. Everybody keeps saying how he committed suicide but doesn't say anything positive about him and by all means if he did commit suicide in France well I guess that is all the cuckoo birds in France that made him commit suicide but on the contrary it was not france frogs measurable cold hearted freaks

  4. He definitely wasn't a healthy eater. I used to love KFC and all it's food but no way now, it's been years. I had cravings for fast food and still do but I know what that does to me. Just no to fast food.

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