1. Hey jaquie I had a good thanksgiving we made hand turkeys and we played monopoly and I couldn’t eat much of the food for thanksgiving as I used to when I was younger since I’m 2017 I was diagnosed with gastroparesis and gastritis

  2. I am so happy for you with all your improvements, you have worked so hard taking care of your body mind and soul and never stopping that. Sweet of you to share this all and glad to see the fam celebrating. This sharing has helped many, myself for one, I only found you because of Harlow when you first started and now I too have a better GI and understanding of many things and learning what to do and not to do with my team and home and away. Bless you Jaquie and your family you are all super great! Sweet prayers and love your dress. You are right buffets are bad unless they serve you by the restaurant, I have seen folks eat off the plate and put it back, ugh. Lots of Holiday Hugs!

  3. Hey I totally understand how you feel about public food. My last job we always had a Christmas dinner there, and every year right after I would get very, very sick with the flu. It was not a good situation for me, it would always take me a very long time to get over it. 🤒 😷

  4. I am thankful for many things, but just wanted to say how much I am thankful for you. You are understanding, inspiring and fun. Even though we haven't met, you feel like an understanding friend to me. As I've said before, I have POTS and other autoimmune issues and there are so many people around including family that just don't understand. Thank you so much for your encouragement!

  5. I don’t blame you at all for feeling that way about buffets! Germs everywhere. I feel the same way about buying food at bake sales. When things are made in people’s homes, you can never know whether their kitchens were sanitary or not. Speaking of which, why do we encourage people to blow out the candles on birthday cakes and then eat the cake? Aren’t they blowing germs ALL OVER the top of the cake when they do that? It’s a practice that should be discontinued!

  6. Ew! Public buffets are disgusting for the reason you mentioned – I am a germaphobe and cannot stand to see someone serving themselves when they are sick and spreading germs. Yuck! I am glad you had a nice Thanksgiving, though!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Jaquie. Glad you were able to go out with your family. I had to pass on TG….I got sick. Then I got worse this weekend. RbC and platelets got to low so now I barely can mow. Probably have a transfusion t his Friday and hope that will turn me around . Hope you have a great time with Judd when he gets home!

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