Smoking Hash With The Silent Man Who Lives In A Cave | India

I heard about this mysterious man who quit talking and moved into a cave 12 years ago. I searched all over for 4 days until I finally found him! (watch part 1 here …


  1. ^-^ thinking about the fact, that you decided to make the shots walking away from the camera, knowing that you'll have to get back and take it.
    In that state.
    It made me laugh so hard. :'D

    Great shots tho.
    I like your work.

  2. Dakota Dakota. Still on social media but really not on it Haha. Freaking love u man! I plan to do this too. Wander around. I am just getting my last bits of sufferings and meditations done here in Florida first. Keep it up! Back to nature baby.

  3. I wonder if he thinks with words at all? Or maybe he only uses emotion to communicate with himself. I've definitely been in trances before where all I am is pure emotion and its all I can speak.

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