1. I've never heard the Snipster tell people what to do ! He talks about investments he likes! Why so many negative comments people crying…. Do research yourself, Joe is not your Dad… You people sound like liberals, learn how to think.

  2. End of Thanksgiving crypto watch
    Market dropped below 140bil around 6pm pdt. Personally waiting for a third capitulation event, it's happened the past 2 mondays so I'm waiting for it like clockwork. Hoping for <$.01 dgb so I can pick some more up. Wondering if itll drop even further…

  3. Jsnip4 is not a licensed financial advisor and as such is not allowed to instruct or guide his followers/subscribers as to when they should sell. Food for thought…

  4. Everyone, please don't buy any crypto just because jsnip said its a firesale, black Friday sale. He said the same thing of silver, when silver was from 35 dollars all the way down to $17. ( his famous words, back up the truck, max the credit cards)

  5. Too funny on your Tahoe! I want one! Recently, on the way to work on 280, here in the SF Bay Area, I saw a HP come on to 280 and work his way up quickly towards myself and a long line stuck behind a 'jabroni', I immediately moved over into the slower traffic, as did the others one by one.

    I moved through traffic to keep up and watch what would happen to this 'jabroni'. Finally he pulled up behind the SUV and rode on her bumper for a considerable distance with no affect on this oblivious 'jabroni', then he flashed his lights, then again, then again and left them on, and still no response! Then he turned on his siren in addition to the lights, and still no response!

    At this point, he had be hind her for several miles, and I was coming up to my exit, 85, and she still had not pulled over!!! I could see he was upset and gesturing with his hands in the air! If I hadn't been on my way to work, I would have followed just to see just how long she was going to ignore him, and what he was going to do to get her to pull over! Just too many drivers on the road here that can't speak or read English, and have no clue of the traffic laws!

    My son says, Dad you need a snow plow on the front for these drivers! I say nah, I just need a police car, but in this case, I think he was right! I bet they are still laughing at headquarters while watch his dash cam video!

  6. If someone is speeding you don't have to move over. The speed limit is the limit. As they're already breaking the law let the overtake on the wrong side, why not? May as well break the law some more.

  7. Winning nice vid.

    Is bix right about the derivatives cartel taking over the crypto space anf shorting the exchanges like crazy? It feeling like whats been happening to silver since 2011 is happening to cryptos now

  8. Utsava made a video saying she told every1 so! Ssid crypto will not go up anytime soon. I think this means a big fffffffff you to every1 . Sure hope that shitty psychic isnt right over michelle whitedoves 800 billion dallor dec into january prediction. ? ? ? Utsava looks like she is so ready to claim victory. Ugh

  9. Yeah the crash has been brutal but I've continued my usual routine of buying 1000 usd worth of bitcoin every payday (twice a month). I've got another couple btc under my belt now. Eventually the price will come back. I can wait.

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