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John Kelly and John Bolton have explosive shouting match, man rescued after three days at bottom of Arizona mine shaft, and experimental surgery offers new …


  1. Close the southern border trump says today , and yet 2 days ago he praised the Mexican government for an excellent job he was doing with border patrol.Β Β  WTF trump your all over the place ….

  2. There is enough of us Democrats and Independents who know very well how these Republicans work, and where it is going, it is getting more destructive and uglier every day. We all need to stay calm and persevere and vote Trump and the Republicans out. Just do it, do your duty as a citizen and help correct our nation. Please spread the vote and your friends, family, and vote blue, please we are in this fight together before it is too late. We will not stop resisting evil.

  3. funny. i hear about this clash between kelly and bolton over immigration but yet i dont see any video of such clash..hmm wut is the lib media up too.. could it be a deceptive move since this caravan is heading our way the media wants to make it seem as if the trump administration is divided over illegal immigration? hmm

  4. Caravans of 'refugees' marching from Guatemala to storm the US border? Set to arrive just at the midterms? Who's organising this? This is not a spontaneous migration based on conditions in their home countries, this is a well-organised and well-timed attack on our border. I am not an anti-immigrant nut-case. Immigrants built this country and continue to contribute to its greatness. And we are all children of immigrants. But this is a politically motivated attack on our border. And you might ask yourself who gains the most when 4000 'refugees' storm the US border just as midterm elections arise.

    IF these people are fleeing their homelands, why are they not settling in Mexico? Why are they not migrating south, to countries where the populations speak their language and they will find it much easier to assimilate? And why is Mexico not turning them back at their border? smh at the blindness of my fellow Americans.

  5. With conservatives at the helm, America continues to go backwards. Regression. First, with the religious nonsense taking precedence over people's lives, and second, with the denial of the importance of vaccines and the resurgence of a hybrid polio disease. Sad.

  6. adultrators , liars, murderous confluences, cell phone collaborating crimes and conspiracy to cover up. my father is being talked to right now, children. we are discussing turning MOTHER ONTO THEM SAUDIS. see mother, pink floyd, is ISLAM, the other child and mother ran out of abrahams house, remember/ well, get ready. GOD is asking TRAN to muster. Its time to confront Bin Salmon. The Beast. calling all angels on earth. exalt your Lord. And begin, "the Witness" has been killed. NOW, a fire shall engulf you for your iniquities.. SELAH!

  7. The Death of Khashoggi is unacceptable and Barbaric and clearly the Saudi government is behind it. The fact that the United States is covering up for the Saudis in this Murder is unequivocally a Disgrace.

  8. Oh there's all kinds of theories–it could have been space aliens, it could have been a gang of midgets, it could have been Hezbollah, it could have been a mob of democrats, we just don't have anything to go on. It's a mystery. But, yeah, he might be dead.

  9. DNC staff member SETH RICH is also dead…right on the streets of Washington, D.C. Where was all this media investigation at HIS death???
    Did the Metropolitan Police and the FBI get a "Drop it" command from the Deep State?

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