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Hola Mundo, Muchas gracias for taking the time and watching our video. Alcoholism is a very serious topic and in this episode one of our conchas gets really …


  1. Hi girls! Sometimes the hardest subjects are what hits home with viewers and you never know if someone is going through the same thing or has gone through a similar situation. I was Definitely shedding tears😢. Anabel you are so strong! Just being vulnerable & to be willing to open up and share must be really hard. You will get through this babe! It takes time , I know someone that is on 2nd year of recovery & I think about it everyday. What I learned about addiction is that the people around you also are having to go through something as well , (sometimes they don’t even know it ) just like the person that is addicted so it really helps to all be on same page ( family/everyone being supportive & positive & on same page is very needed as well) you got this!!! take care xoxo

  2. This so inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys and I am so proud of you Anabel because you have come along way in your journey!!!!!
    I love you and keep up the good work muahhhhh!!!! ( I was sobbing with you guys lol)

  3. i just wanna say ana im soo proud of u and happy for u to wanna be sober and to wanna beter urself for ur kids for urself and i know ur such an amazing person and keep ur head up love u got this all ur friends are rooting for u im rooting for u and its gonna be hard but u will be able to do it and continue to do it 💕💕💕

  4. You have no idea how incredibly amazing you three are, I’m beyond proud of you and today my love goes to la amigosha Anabel for being so open about her personal life! Hopefully someone out there will listen and benefit from your experience, Best wishes and may your channel get many subscribers! ❤️😘☕️

  5. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. If your tears help just one person seek help or acknowledge their addiction than your tears are not for nothing. You girls are inspiring keep up the amazing work 🖤

  6. First and for most!! Please warn us with getting a tissue box haha I love this an second what mascara is she wearing?? Lastly I’m so proud of all three of you guys an especially baby ana she will always be my liddol my sister an I’m beyond happy for you!! This channel is going to be beyond success full!!! Love you ladies

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