MILINKOVIC-SAVIC Transfer Back ON! Man Utd Transfer News

Milinkovic-Savic to Manchester United is a viable transfer again according to Lazio. Plus the latest Man Utd transfer news on Skriniar, Pellegrini and more!


  1. Who the f**k are these two. Are they being signed up to play drums and trumpet to make a combo with Sanchez on piano for United's Christmas pantomime ??? If so, fare enough. It'll be Mourinho's best signings yet.

  2. Mourinho change your tactics, stop playing slow players and play Fred Perrerya and Pogba and see the big difference…. Image if Fred , Herrera and Perrera had played against Man City.

  3. Isn't it odd that all other major clubs in Europe are going to the United way of developing players even real Madrid are doing that and we are moving away from it great philosophy!!👏👏👏

  4. Buy Everyone.. Don't give them matches. Starting Lineup will still have Matic and Fellaini.
    Else buy more defensive players and play boring Football and still lose.
    Spend money on new Manager. Mourinho out!

  5. Wow i see why Mark says expectations are lowered. Laporte was signed in January and look at him now. There are lots of good players available in January but you guys just know Mourinho will bench them unless their 29. Very sad state of affairs.

  6. I know we have fred but the prospect of savic in our midfield could help us reach another level that we're struggling to get to. he has physical presence and he's technically superb not afraid to do the dirty work. Him and pogba in midfield would just terrify most teams.

  7. Get the Brazilians if paid well they can come to united…Miranda, Marquise, Éverton Sousa Soares , Alexsandro, Casimiro, then let go of Pereira and Fred…then focus on getting two force in the front like Vardy and Kane..

    Then sell all the deadwood of united players..Martial, pogba, sanchez, Lukaku, lindeloff, rojo, darmain, smalling, herrerra, Mata, feleni, Scot, Matic and jones…i just dont feel this players they dont connect…sell them this window and summer window and we can make it..

  8. Mourinhio should just go all out for Pele, Maradona, Baggio, Beresi, Albertini and Maldini. All over 30 with bags of experience. Actually Maradona is too short so Fk that idea. Jose will probably play him as a left back anyway. Lol

  9. We don't need Alderweireld, Koulibaly or Skriniar. I'm not too sure about Milinkovic-Savic though as he had refused to play in defensive midfield before for his country and got dropped. We need a RW and a CDM. And why do we need yet another centre-back? We are stacked with them.

  10. Mourinho doesn’t deserve a penny more. Apologies but he doesn’t deserve Alexis Sanchez Fred Perriera Antonia Valencia Bailey oooh wait martial was gonna be sold rashford being hunted by juventus and Madrid …come on man don’t buy becoz he is a good player in the other team come on choose based on wether if the player would suit man utd style of play ….lol wait just realized WE DONT HAVE A MAN UTD STYLE OF GAME…screw it sack mourinho before u buy any player 🙂 #frustrated

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