1. I have Aspergers and never acted like him ever because I wasn't allowed to act like that ever, and if I did I'd get a smack on the ass. Kids shouldn't be allowed to get away with shit just because they have "Asperger's or autism" or some mental illness, you know right from wrong, I sure as hell did, and if my kid has Asperger's or autism I will raise them the same exact way, if they misbehave and don't listen a smack on the ass

  2. Here is my back story how i found about Jaden : First i saw a video on youtube of some random kid (later it was Jaden) doing a tantrum at the store and i felt something is not quite right about him that is when i dug deeper and found out that he has an autism and/or bipolar (something). When i found out all of that i prayed to God that someone finds a cure for this and after 2 years you found a cure that is just amazing i hope he finds the life he missed on. God bless this child

  3. I have autism and I'd love for medical marijuana to be available for people like me. Thank goodness Jayden is doing a lot better. As for me, I'm not. I really hope I can get the same treatment like he is. My regular medication isn't doing squash.

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