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Jose Mourinho will remain Manchester United manager until at least next summer because Zidane and others are not available. Is that reason to stick with …


  1. The reason why you speak about Mourinho out is because you can't face the truth. Man Utd can't even dare to dream to buy top class players. Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Mbappe, Ramos… They would never come. The club is not willing to pay for top class to get top class. Theh want top class with class 2 eggs. This is reality. 😂

  2. Fans are the biggest losers in football, the clubs make money from us, the players make money from us, these so called fan channels make money from us, and here we are paying to get frustrated, angry and lose our sleep. The club owners, YouTube channels and players are benefiting from the fans. You want to bring in a change, hit them where it hurts the most, stop buying the merchandise, don't buy season tickets. Empty seats is what caused the club to force Arsene Wenger out. These YouTube channels know that we are angry and caught up in emotions, so they sell us punching bags and we happily buy them to vent out our anger. I am an Arsenal fan, but I never watch Arsenal fan TV , because they just want to elicit catchy responses with thought provoking titles, as in this case. Fans make football popular, shouldn't be the other way…..

  3. Mourinho deserves respect because at the end of the day he is still the United manager wether people like it or not. But I am still Mourinho out. 1 player wouldn’t sort this mess out. Realistically we have players that could fix some of the problems but José won’t use them. Dalot, fast attacking full back who will put balls in the box. Bailly, solid defender to go next to Lindelof, Fred or Pereira fast flair players who will move the ball quickly in midfield. If he plays these players I am 100% certain we will see a massive difference in this team

  4. I would rather see Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane as a coaching duo. hey are British and they understand the northern English culture. Moreover, they are passionate, decisive and play attractive football. The dresssing room would certainly get a shake-up, too!

  5. simple steps to make united great again, sack jose, sell young, valencia, jones, rojo, matic, fellaini, darmian and lukaku, sign koulibaly, skriniar, pellegrini, icardi, pullisic and develop and start playing chong, gomes, martial, rashford, fred, pereira, bailly and dalot. with those simple solutions that anyone could see we'd easily challenge for the title and play enjoyable football.

  6. AHAHAHA You want Zidane over Conte? AHAHAHAHAH Zidane is a good motivator, but he won't make United suffer any less goals, than they do now. How can you say you would prefer Zidane over Conte, one of the best tacticians at the moment? He brought back Juventus out of a hole, respect for Allegri, but Conte build the foundations. He built a very competitive Italy that masked lack of technical abilities in Euro 2016 and played some of the best football in the tournament. Oh he's mean is that it?

  7. I think Mourinho has reached his limits of his ability. Expecting him to improve is fruitless and pointless. I think Woodward is aware of that. But where are managers that can compete with Pep and Klopp? And who are available and wanting to sign with MU? I don't think we can expect the process to go any faster. It takes time to get a different manager, especially if you're a choosy club and can afford to buy the best. If you're not a big club and not used to getting in the top 4, it will take a shorter time. There are more middling managers around.
    Having said that, I think Ranieri was a good decision for Leicester. Ranieri wouldn't have been bad for Man Utd. He's proven by winning the Premier League, and with a smallish club. He hasn't won the number of trophies that Mourinho has but he's a good manager to bet on. I think his easy-going personality is needed at the club right now. He seems more stable in personality than Mourinho. I think he can pick transfers well. He can improve the current crop of players. His style isn't overly attacking or overly defending. Even if he doesn't win any trophies, he's a good interim manager for bringing stability to the club. Anyway, it's moot. He's gone to another club. The available managers are Jardim, Zidane, Conte, Wenger and Blanc. The other managers that have been floated around are already with other clubs. I think MUFC should pick one of these managers and sign them for one year only. Then if they are a disaster, they can be easily thrown out.
    I wasn't keen on Zidane before but that was mostly because I didn't look into his record. However, he brought 3 Champions Leagues to Real and 1 domestic title during the 3 years there. That's really good. One of the better records of managers who worked for Real.
    Even if MUFC don't get league titles with him, they're likely to do well in the Champions League.
    I don't think Conte is a good idea. Not consistent enough and many players didn't get on with him in the end.
    Jardim is worth taking a punt on. Blanc too.
    I don't know about Carrick. The MUFC haven't had good results since he joined the coaching team. It might have little to do with him and more to do with Mourinho, but there's no sign to show that he's a good enough coach to lead a club like MUFC. And he's had very little experience. Maybe he'd be OK as a very short interim manager.

  8. What really annoys me other then Mark and brilliant Utd stand where is the reason why Jose should get 4 season are. Not one of the Jose Mourhino inners can say other then you being negative or we back the manager talk.where is the price he talking us in right place from this season I really don't see the reason that's why I done

  9. Mark, u don’t need to worry about pulling your hair out.Even if united wanted conte, they wouldn’t be able to get him cause there was a clause in his contract at Chelsea, if he gets sacked he wouldn’t get his compensation package if he joins another premier league. He’s only allowed to join European clubs.

  10. I think they should sack Mourinho now, and get a temporary manager…Like what real Madrid have done…Then wait for the best manager..Be it zidane,jardim,blanc or even pochetino.

  11. Mark can we have a different topic please cause I'm always yawning when Jose gets brought up for last 12 months be hearing please pretty please , let's talk about our talent what they can become let's talk about Carrick

  12. IV been a Jose , backer but will change if we don't get a huge result at palace Saturday. Only problem is were not gonna get a top manager to come , cause it's becoming a failure , we are becoming Liverpool and martial and de gea not signed yet that makes me nervous

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