Inside Japan’s tech revolution – BBC Click

The programme is in Japan to see the latest gadgets at CEATEC and meet the team who landed a spacecraft on an asteroid. Plus an otherworldly digital art …


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  4. @BBC_Click All of your YouTube videos have CC disabled. This is difficult for the hearing impaired. Can you enable Closed Captions (CC) on your YouTube uploads? Thanks

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  8. As someone who has lived in Japan for many years, their technology is actually not that innovative or even ahead compared to many other countries:
    – Many of their mobile phones in the 90s and early 2000 didn't even support a 3.5mm headphone jack, which mean that you had to buy a proprietary cable that uses the same port as the charging cable.
    – Cameras on mobile phones were abysmal, their excuse was that they wanted to discourage people from taking photos in public while it was okay for digital cameras (the truth was that digital camera companies didn't want phones to take away their sales).
    – Their phones couldn't even work outside of Japan because they wanted to use a different network, and outside phones wouldn't work in Japan because they didn't want to support GSM.
    – Their minidisc was a complete flop, so was Betamax and laserdisc. I guess they were kind of like the Zip drive, a passing phase that never worked and died badly.
    – I'm sure some people would remember the Sony memory stick. It couldn't compete against SD cards even though Sony had completely control of the digital camera and PDA market. Virtually every single Sony device that relied on Sony MS are obsolete and unsupported. Wasting my money on Sony was regrettable.
    – Software was either complicated or a crapshoot because they were based on closed proprietary systems. I'm not even talking about products outside of Japan, but Japan-only products. They simply did not know how to offer products or manuals in other languages.
    – WIFI was a complete bitch to find as few places would even support it. It only started to become more available recently, but in limited time and still nowhere near as good as other countries.
    – Japan still insists on using paper tickets for transportation. In another country, I remembered using one card to pay for all my transportation with just a swipe….back in 1998.
    – In China I'm able to look up available tickets and purchase them online using my phone, I couldn't find anything like this in Japan so I resorted to using the same software to buy tickets there lol
    – Trains, too warm during the winter and not cool enough during the summer.
    – The cheapest cars are a class of cars called "Kei", they're 668cc engined mini cars that aren't really all that efficient (my car needed 1000yen to travel 100kms), for the same price as a cheapest cars in Australia that are bigger, faster and infinitely safer. You feel that over the years Japan could have made these kei cars better or at least electric,

    Overall, after years of living there I still have no idea why things have been so expensive yet so far behind other countries that have more widespread technology, IT services and transportation (electric!).

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