How To Stop a Bad High / Trip from Weed

This video is on how to stop a bad high from weed. Everyone probably has had a bad high or a bad trip from weed before, so I wanted to give you guys my tips …


  1. Good tips. Sativa's trigger my anxiety for sure. Doesn't matter where I am, but out in society is definitely worse. I have actually turned on positive affirmation videos here on YT when my anxiety started. It helped. Hmmmm. I often drink cold, lemon iced tea, because it helped to ground me. Now I know why. 🙂 My only caution with breathing, is some of us can go into panic attacks if we focus too much on it. Suddenly it will feel like we can't catch our breath. I try to do it, but without any special focus on numbers or techniques. Just I remind myself to breath deeper and slower in general. Also, any sort of moving meditation, done slowly, might help some people, if the anxiety is not too severe. I like to practice Tai Chi or Chi Kung. As long as it is done slowly, it seems to help me. Very good and useful video, thanks.

  2. one thing you didn't mention music ! dont listen to music that is very hype or has a lot going on because it can be to stimulating listen to something with nice beats and calm instrumentals! makes your trips better and help with bad ones

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