How I Quit Smoking Cigarettes And You Can Too!!

How I Quit Smoking Cigarettes And You Can Too! This is my experience with smoking cigarettes, how I quit, how you can quit too, and what to expect when …

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  1. Hello Nick:
    Congratulations on your quit. You hit on a lot of important points regarding quitting. I should point out that I almost left your video in the first couple of seconds because I saw you lighting up so I thought you were still smoking and thus the video title was inaccurate. Glad to see that this was not the case. I am going to attach a series of resource pages below addressing different issues you have raised, pretty much in the order that you raised them. Then I am going to attach two relapse prevention pages that I encourage all former smokers to go through over time to help keep their quits secure over the long term. Hope you find these materials helpful.

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