Here’s How Much My Car Lift & Garage Cost + My Favorite Automotive Christmas Present.

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  1. DUDE! I have a bid to do a garage about that size for $73,000 in central Virginia. Its not a level spot like yours, but also not on a steep or complicated site. I think you got a good deal, despite the ridiculous first quote I got. (Another was for $50,000).

  2. Hey nice garage I'm planning to do the same thing in my garage my garage is 13 and a half feet tall how come you didn't go with the drive on lift with the axle lift let me know in the comments below

  3. I'm pretty fortunate that we just moved and the previous owner was a car nut and built the house to his needs. When shopping for houses my wife quickly got my attention when she said 10 car garage. What I have is a detached 20'x40', and two 30'x30' (one on first level and second in back underneath the top garage). Now what cars to fill the space with?

  4. 5.3 acres, six out buildings, 1 3/4 car garage, 4 car garage, 12×20 shed, 50×70 shed, 1 car garage, 1 car garage, two car covered patio for cookouts and 4 bedroom house a bit under 100,000 in the middle of Kansas.

  5. That's about 1/4 the price it would cost in urban coastal California. They'd charge you $25,000 just to remove the old garage, the environmental police, the coastal commission, the historical artifact people, the city, and the county would all have to have their say (bribe/permit) then it would be another $25,000 to put in the slab (at least) and another $25,000 to build the garage. Then the outfitting of it would be another $25,000. It would take at least a half year to finish the permit process alone and another year to finish the whole project so it would be 18 months and $100,000. So if a Californian moves to your hood and looks tired and worn like a refugee, don't be too hard on them, they are, unless they're a liberal, then kill them so they don't spread the disease of statism and inflation.

  6. My Uncle Roy R.I.P. built mine for $16,000 in 2005 & is 24'W x 35'L with 12'3" high 2" x 6" walls, fully insulated 6" thick with central A/C & heat (A/C & heat bought separately), completely 1/2" drywalled. 16'W x 7'H front insulated garage door with a Liftmaster MJ5011 jackshaft type garage door opener similar to yours. 8'W X 7'H rear insulated garage door with the same type MJ5011 opener as the front door. 1 small standard steel entryway 32"W door, Hardyboard siding & trim all around outside of the garage, 1/2" OSB roof sheathing screwed down with 2" long screws every 4", white asphalt shingles. The garage was built for the BendPak l040acx 10,000lb asymmetric 2 post lift I bought just before construction began on the garage. The cement slab was included & was poured with 3000PSI cement & has a 2'W X 2' deep cross poured thru the center of the floor to reinforce the lift & 2'deep x 6"W cement poured around the outer garage perimeter for the 2 "x 6" pressure treated wall plates & utilized 12"L X 3/4" bolts installed into the wet cement to hold the walls down. I also used Simpson Strong-Tie® hurricane ties for the all the roof joists & all the upper & lower wall plates to reinforce the walls & roof during high winds. Mine doesn't have the ceiling like yours does though. Like yours my garage is always being upgraded/work in progress etc. Thanks for posting nice garage.

  7. Yeah good luck paying that little now a days. Of course its all dependent on where you live but a garage that size in my area would cost on the low wend 60k. And lets be honest that is a pretty small garage.

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