From Under The Influence with Marijuana Man: Recreational Penalization!

POT TV – Watch From Under The Influence with Marijuana Man LIVE every Wednesday at 4PM PT. Today on the show: Recreational Penalization! Marijuana …


  1. Hybrids for me and Indica at night. Maybe a true Sativa in the morning but just not enough punch for me. Love Potion hybrid is definitely a head trip to start but smoothes out into Indica stone. Try Nuken – Canadian bred – amazing! Everyone is different though but we all want that variety. Like Greg I have been at this since the 70's….~SUPPORT CRAFT CANNABIS~

  2. The point of restriction by the government you ask Greg? Governments are controlled by the corporations and their own greed. Restriction of marijuana means restriction of the marijuana economy a billion dollar industry. We can't have ordinary people becoming millionaires and billionairs and actually helping their fellow man and gaining power now can we? – VicBCVapeStoner

  3. The strong sativa anxiousness is just your body saying "I'm good so let's get to doing some activities." Still had a month of flower on my recent grapefruit kush before it hermed out and got cut. Even though it was harv'd early it is still around 16% and is a very happy/smiley buzz.

  4. Congo, exotic, hope to try that some time. Good show alone. Nice to hear about the “old days” (70s). I was in Miami. Thanks for telling the historical entomology of the plant.

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