1. I've been taking it for around three days every morning and nights. It's day three and I'm only now starting to feel a little better. Has it taken a while like this for anyone else? I've been vaping as well which helps with nausea immediately (from anxiety/ssri withdraw) has it taken a while with anyone else?

  2. Thanks for this update. Bless you, considering what you’ve been going through and still finding the time to share some help with us. Take care and keep your head up 🙏🏾

  3. I just started using CBD oil for myself to tackle on some really serious anxiety I had built up for years as well as for pain relief for my back spasms and all I have to say is one word. Amazing! I now feel like I legitmately get through every day without the thought of a possible anxiety attack in public or at work, and not to mention my back has felt better than it has in months! I'm so glad to see other people finding how helpful this stuff is. Congrats on being able to control your depression with CBD and keep letting us know how you're doing!

  4. Love this video! I suffer from depression and anxiety and it hit me hard when my dr prescribed me anti anxiety medication (which Ive never taken) because I hear so many bad reviews on that medication and it's long term affects. I looked into CBD oil and decided to give it a go. I'm on week #3 of taking CBD oil and i instantly felt great within a half hr of taking it. It has honestly been a life changer for me. I found my own dosage and what works best for me. I appreciate these videos and I wish you the best!!! Much love from LOS ANGELES

  5. I think you should talk to your kids about it and at least explain to them that your emotional absence has nothing to do with them. Because kids will always think they are the ones to blame. Which in turn can make them susceptible to depression in the future. They need to be absolutely 100% sure that's not the case.
    Of course I wouldn't know if you already do this. But I hope you do or will. If so, disregard everything I've said :).
    How much does it cost?
    I hope I don't come across badly, if so I apologise

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