CBD Oil Effects for Autism

Busy day! The new FA shirts came in, we opened fam mail, the girls went to the pool, we talk about CBD oil effects for autism and specifically how it affected …


  1. maybe try redirecting her when she starts her stimming routine idk like giving her an activity that abby really enjoys it might calm her and prevent her from feeling frustrated/ not think of being frustrated that time of the day.

  2. She’s such a sweet girl, she eats like me…shoveling 😂 she’s a growing girl! I hope she’s able to learn to slow down though in all seriousness, I know how important it is to make sure you chew your food so you don’t choke! You’re doing great Abbie. ❤️

  3. She’s like every other teenager loves food!! Abby is sooo blessed with such amazing family!! I always say this when I see amazing parents that I hope my husband and I are just as good as all of y’all!! God bless y’all!!! Y’all are freaking amazing!!!

  4. Any parent who has a child wit autism including myself I have a 5 year old son who’s non verbal on the autistim spectrum my advice is , is to start cbd oil on the low dosage because it’s their first time using it always start low dosage till their bodies get use to it and it’s not a severe or drastic change and of course make sure there is 0% thc !! My son started cbd oil 3 weeks ago I gave him 350 mg first for a week he seemed the same but certain things he would normally do like licking things or biting his shirts he would do less of that during the week . Then I stared 500 mg he was more calmer less spinning around in circles and making loud noises ! So I kept him on the 500 mg now ! If you’re interested in what cbd oil product I use it’s from the company ( thoughtcloud.com) all natural cbd oil from Colorado and 0% thc . It worked for my son he didn’t t drastically change but I saw some improvements .

  5. Abbie is so independent there's so much she can do I'm truly in love with her progress. I was so excited to see her at the water park living her best life. She also did really well with the family trip to New York by air plane. I'm learning so much from watching & she is so smart u guy are doing a wonderful job reinforcing what she has been

  6. She does so well with her mealtime!! You guys are doing so great as parents! My son has been doing really well with not asking for a Drew bite 😅 he still isn’t a fan of salads but we’re working on it, it might be sensory related for him though.

  7. Omg my mom is trying CBD oil on my brother and he’s having all the side effects as Abby in fact he’s having a major tantrum at night right now. It’s been like 3 days and he’s had fits and tantrums every day

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