1. I forgot to reiterate this in the video but you can legally ship this CBD to all 50 states!!! Also, a lot of y'all are asking what the song is which makes me so happy because it's my best friend's music! Check her out, link in description hehe

  2. Hey Frances! I'm glad you posted this video, I tried CBD oil and it didn't do anything for me. Maybe I wasnt taking the right dose. How many times a day do you normally use it? And do you need to take it daily in order for it to keep working? Thanks!

  3. Being an opiate addict for years from being prescribed strong pain medication at a young age tore my life apart for years. I've been clean for 7 months now and have been using cbd for my pain and I can tell you that it does work. I'm also getting my medical marijuana card for pain, anxiety etc.. if you are struggling with opiate addiction please try these products.

    As always much love to this channel.

  4. damn, i think im gonna try this. the symptoms you described sounds like me too so i hope this helps. (:
    and "mentally present for that", lol meee if im deciding whether to take a fat rip or not before class

  5. I’m from Kansas (aka the state that’s going to be one of the last to legalize weed) but CBD places have been popping like crazy around my town. Makes me super excited because I know it’s super healing and I know so many older people trying it out and seeing how amazing it can be

  6. I’m gonna try that. Cause most of the time weed triggers my anxiety and I try to smoke it to make my anxiety go away and it makes my anxiety worse then it already is when high 😩

  7. I have a rare reaction to SSRI’s where they make me hallucinate when I’m trying to fall asleep at night like even at low doses taking it first thing in the morning so without CBD I probably wouldn’t be able to find any relief for my anxiety 😫 honestly a life saver

  8. I found 20 bucks on the floor on my bday. I'm going to use it to help buy a cute cheap little vape pen today w some CBD oil. I've tried the tinctures before and they were ok but I'm sober from weed at the moment bc I'm searching for a job and I'm really excited to get a pen and get my "smoking" fix". It's been a rough 2 months and I've been super anxious, stressed and a little depressed so I'm really excited! This video came out on my bday btw 🙂

  9. I'm glad you made a video like this! seeing you and Sasha always vouching for CBD led me to try it myself finally. I have pretty bad anxiety, and I felt like I was starting to depends on thc too much to calm my nerves. so far, CBD gives me the same calming effects that marijuana does, but without the other effects. it's amazing!

  10. This new generation always talk about anxiety like its a freaking illness. The truth is our body needs anxiety to perform, you cant expect to feel good and zen all the time. Anxiety was made to be fought, not to be ran from…

  11. THANK YOU , I needed this video , been going through a really rough patch recently , been smoking my bongs as usual but need something more to really calm me down and am so excited to try these drops ! going to try gets some at my local chemist as I live in South Africa

  12. I suffer from really horrible anxiety, panic attacks wipe me out. I also have major depression so a store near me was advertising cdb oil by Gnome Extracts. My mom bought it for me and it has really helped my insomnia, still waiting for it to calm my anxiety and depression… hopefully it does soon 🙂

  13. So glad to see a YouTuber talking about cbd, hempworx has truly healed my anxiety. I wish I could say I thought you were using a great brand but due to the clarity and lack of color I have a feeling it has a lot of added ingredients:(. Will do a compare if anyone's interested lmk :)!!

  14. Ugh gurl I love your videos 💕 I would love to smoke with you sometime 💕💕 hoping when I get my medical card I can help my PTSD, depression, anxiety, and pain 🙌 anyways girl keep doing what you’re doing, always excited for when you upload ❤️

  15. CBD also counters the intoxicating effects of THC. It's great to have on hand if you use too much THC and are freaking out. Smoking is the best way for this purpose, because it instantly enters your bloodstream.

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