1. Keep cannabis out of corporate hands. Fast food is only evidence to keep corporation out of it.
    You are clueless big profit IS THE PROBLEM. Get a clue dude. You are kind of the enemy if you support corporate control of cannabis. Keep it illegal then!!!! Just decriminalization.

  2. You should have a special segments called taking out the trash the garbage BS that people talk about cannabis good job man thank you for setting the propaganda that they're trying to pull off on us and setting the word straight good job brother keep up the good work peace out have a great day

  3. That Vox article is written by a globalist because he is afraid of people breaking their conditioning and brainwashing by using the natural god-given plant cannabis it has been proven the Cannabis does not allow brainwashing tactics 2 absorb into people's minds and screw them up it blocks them I've seen a Bilderberg leaked video same why they have to block cannabis being legal because it doesn't allow their MK Ultra tactics to work on the people it's just over power and control not money he's using the money excuse for his power and control tell him at Vox to go f*** himself straight up a flagpole I don't care about his ignorant BS

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