Australian Bastard Cannabis – Profile, Status Of A RARE, WEIRD & WILD Strain

Cannabis Australis…or ABC. Where does it grow, how was it discovered and whether its Genetics can be obtained today! Today on Lex’s world we discuss ABC …


  1. Gather the original microbes that are present in the soil within Australia, the interconnection and symbiotic interplay will more likely activate dorment phenotype expression. Also, what outside breeds are coming from Australia at the moment. Is there anyone experimenting with these principles yet?

  2. Mongy would be pronounced with a hard G. and the first part of Bindi would be pronounced like Bin . we have the grass with the spikey little balls in it that we call bindi's – most likely where that comes from. Im not saying that to be a dick but more to educate you. loved the video.

  3. Great stuff as always!!! I heard of ABC for the first time today on Instagram. Then I tune into YouTube and see this suggested video!!! At any rate, it looks like CSI Humboldt is working on crossing this now! I grow my meds in the basement where it hangs around 60 degrees all winter, so if I can use less heat, (since the ABC is more tolerant to cold), I'm all for it! Ruderalis started out very low potentcy as well, but some of the Autos today are throwin down, so I hope this gets going

  4. Iam from Australia victoria and went gor a walk at my local lake a i swear i saw cannabis growing from a distance. When i got closer up about a couple meters away i still thought it was a cannabis even seemed to be colars with buds, only until i go right up face to face with this "weed" i mean i had to look closely and saw it was not cannbis or at least any kind ive seen before. Its had spikes coming out of buds/flowers anyway i think this is cannabis but wild.

  5. I´d really like to get my hands on that (I like rare stuff^^), so if anyone knows a source or has some, pm me pls (that is if it can be shipped to EU since I know AUS customs are very thourough usually)
    I made a hop bastard once but the plant itself was too weak to thrive properly :/

  6. just found out about this myself, i live in the hunter valley, like 20 minuets from the barrington tops and theres allot off bush up there, if its here, itll be up there or one of the national parks around. ill keep my eye out for it and if i see it ill drop a comment..,151.6195671,30359m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x6b74c8ba0191a2e7:0xf0609b573fee640!8m2!3d-32.0670607!4d151.6631565

  7. I cross bred a hermi and another bag seed plant, the girl who produced seeds was really good smoke. Anyway have germinated a bunch of these seeds now and the first one that popped was abc, also got a trileaf and all the other are normal. I will probably make hash out of it

  8. As an Australia, I’m proud to see that even our national weed is just a lazy and truly bastardised :p
    Never seen this outdoors (or maybe I have and didn’t know what it was :p), but now I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled if I go for a walk :p

    And of course, if my lil island is included in your giveaways I must say #TOMARS because who can say no to a giveaway :p

  9. it wasnt a strain crossed with hops,because that is not possible and it doesnt grow fucking wild,its history is well known on the NSW mid to nth coast,how it came to be ,when and by whom…..I remember the big greenhouse bust sth of YAMBA over 20 yrs ago that made it onto the news coz the drug squad had to have it independantly tested as they had never seen anything like it before…..Ducksfoot is atleast potent but looks and smells 100 % like mull in flowering,not so rare here but def exotic…………………..

  10. Regular weed used to be shit. But it was bred better. We need to get our hands on ABC to increase potency. We have better techniques now. We cant combine it with regular weed. Just have to breed out better and better abc plants

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