Amanda Bynes opens up about past drug use, quitting acting and getting sober

In an interview with Paper magazine, the 32-year-old actress discussed everything from her past substance abuse issues to her bizarre Twitter rants to her series …


  1. I loved Amanda Bynes!!! This explains what happened when she spiraled out of control…I do not think the Marijuana alone posed an issue…although the mix of all the drugs she was abusing adding stress in daily life, pressure, and her depression she was self-medicating for created the mess she was in. Glad to hear she is doing better. She is very talented! I will look forward to upcoming movies she may be starring in!

  2. Way to go, Amanda Bynes…she has found herself! So sad that she had to go through those rough years but often the adversities in our lives just make us stronger. Now Amanda has a great platform to speak from and hopefully can speak from personal experience to save another. So happy to see she got the help she needed! So glad she has turned her life around. She looks amazing.🌷

  3. if she wanted to get high quicker and longer off of adderall. Rail it through the nose and then parachute it. Chewing isn't going work as well; but in all seriousness good for her on getting clean. She is an extremely talented actress/comedian and we don''t need anymore famous people dying

  4. At 2:10 all the side effects she called out are present in almost any drug on the market.i see doctors for migraines and whenever they want to put me on a new drug i check out the sideeffects listed and if they are to severe i wont take it,regardless of how safe the doc says it often docs push certain drugs as a favor to the pharmaceutical company.doctors get kickbacks.

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