1. Hi Antonio I love your videos and your tips.
    Because English is not my native language (I am from Belgium) that's why I often watch the video again afterwards to be able to understand everything.
    I am particularly interested in the figures (turnover, profits, debts, …).
    Would it be possible to make a video about it (such that it is easier to read the balance and what we have to look at!).
    In between I am also a big fan CannaRoyalty Corp. (Origin House) – one of my top favorites in the sector – a nice day – Belgiumguy🇧🇪

  2. Nice one Antonio
    The #BushveldMinerals https://youtu.be/Igrntos3t1Q investment in #vanadium continues, resent increase in ownership of vametco mine in September and ramp up to 5000 mtv , per annum by end of 2019 , mid term ramp to 10000 mtv per annum, with Brits extension to vametco mine further increase to reserve of resource , lowering production cost at a already low cost , mining license for Mokopane vanadium mine could come anytime soon , this will double vametco and Brits , then add the potential of #bushveldenergy , ongoing developments there , with planned production of electrolyte for #vrfbs , and vrfbs manufacturing. Partnership in place , new webinar released http://webcasting.brrmedia.co.uk/broadcast/5bd2eae5b01efb6b20c2f9eb, gives a clear direction. , vertically integrated vanadium producer currently mining vanadium at high price for vanadium , their resource is enormous, a good place to research company is at https://thebushveldperspective.com/ ,loads of YouTube videos on Bushveld Minerals. https://youtu.be/i6gyjG60mnY https://youtu.be/H_hhTW2fFoM

  3. We need these videos sooner Antonio! We're almost putting videos out a whole month before the next month at this point haha
    I like the different industries you mentioned. Nasty market recently, but could bring opportunities. I'm gonna work on my 3 stocks now!

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