Will CBD oil show up on a test ? LIVE TEST

Okay so I start CBD oil and I wanted to see if it would show up on a drug test cause some people had told me it would. I wanted to debunk this by trying a drug …


  1. Leave it in the wee longer and sometimes it takes longer time to see two lines…. I'm a support worker at rehab…. I live in a dry house now for alcohol and multiple drug abuse, they wouldn't let me use CBD and class it as relapse if it was psycho active or THC or addictive. I use 100 ml bottles of 750mg for anti depressant and and arthritis instead of using codine and mertazipine. Can't even spell the anti depressants name now I been off it so long and feeling better.

  2. I took Koi CBD sublingualy 2 or 3 times daily(1/2 dropper) for 10 days and tested positive for THC. It has now been 1 week since I've taken any and am still producing a positive result.

  3. oh my gosh, do you have a sister?? please!!(: but hey, really, you would get way more benefits from the oil instead of the vape, promise…i sell cbd and the oil helps people get off of certain medicines (if they want to)

  4. It depends on who is testing you. If you are being tested by your parole officer then don't risk it! Many employers use cheap services for their testing. Also, CBD derived from hemp typically only has small traces of thc. Buy high quality CBD oils. Not the crap from your headshop.

  5. This woman seemed very confused and the video was not informative and less than believable. How do we know it was actually HER urine, and the video doesn't show her vaping or even filling the vape pen. LAME.

  6. ๐Ÿ˜ค the cheapest CBD oil I can find around here (in NC) is 20(+). Someone told me you can find some at the drug store. She said she used it for her pets. But I guess you can't vape those. :/ At least I wasn't the only one paranoid on this tho. I'm on probation. Well, plus, I'd assume CBD oil is legal everywhere ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคท. But I know they could care less about testing for that. I've had a bottle for a while- unused. Bc someone stole my vape ๐Ÿ˜ค. So I did wonder if it's less potent. But I have sore muscles, so I'm vaping this again. To see if it'll take it away.

  7. Yeah them dollar tree tests the 2nd line is always very "faint" ….good to know thanks! That reminds me i have one of those boxes in my window seal in the kitchen! Perfect time to use it.

  8. People do your research if there is no thx then it won't test positive. The test for the not CBD there is no test for CBD but I will say there are CBD products with the in it so just be careful to see what your getting. And if you get something with .03 or less thc. It says in moderation and you should be ok but it's no guarantee best advice get one with pure CBD and you will be ok. Don't go looking at a dispensary you won't find it without the. I bought mine at a head shop and at a vape kiosk at a mall. Which if there was thc. They legally wouldn't be able to sell it

  9. All of you need to understand that in order for the test to become positive you'd pretty much have to smoke a pound of CBD or hemp and it would have to be continuesly back to back without any breaks in between . To top it off it would still be a false positive even if it showed up so your good trust me . Also I work with union so yah hahaha

  10. Pull this video immediately. This is a disgrace and completely misleading. At least do some editing. "CBD oil" doesn't show up on a drug test. There is no "CBD oil drug test". Come on! There are analyte-specific drug tests like the one shown in the video (THC). And if you cannot interpret your test results, then you have more pressing issues in your life than THC.

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