1. It's fine to not be 100% raw, but are you still vegan? You said something like "not even vegan" in regard to labels. And it sounded too much like you're just jumping on the next hype train with "it's all about the medical medium now". Do you! You don't need the actions of others to justify your choices.

  2. greattt video I have been a vegetarian for now – 28 years I respectfully appreciate this video i have no judgment to anyone – but for me…. cheese and milk is needed for my sanity – but eggs = i only cook with – the reality is – your right to each is own. šŸ˜‰ <3

  3. My favorite raw vegan youtubers = lightsamps, tedd Carr, John rose and DTM p.s Iā€™m almost certain that the food in dans video was for his community, as far as I know he is still in fact all raw.

    Love the videos Robert keep shining! šŸ™‚

  4. I've been an aspiring raw food vegan for years and just couldn't do it. I thought it was a great idea with dynamic implications for my own personal growth and world improvements such as ecological/agricultural change and sustainability in our technological advancements in energy production. Just the way we use energy especially through heating/microwaving, refrigeration/freezing, sterilizing/preserving foods and farming practices that has changed the course of human cultural evolution and not for the all good. My intuition that I had been developing for my previous 32 years just wasn't cooperating with this aspiration. Initially, my desire for veganism lead me on a detoxing journey that changed the course of my life. Now, I eat anything I want, granted, what I want is raw vegan foods, but, I'm comfortable eating french fries, pineapple and cheese pizzas and the many dairy and egg containing foods. It is just so important how I feel when I eat, my presence with it, which for thousands of years blessing/giving thanks has supported. Properly ingesting food, thoroughly chewing and thoroughly mixing with saliva is the first step in digestion. I find myself encouraging folks to chew their juices quite frequently. I suppose my aim is perfection, but, the journey is filled with endless surprises in releasing unuseful and rigid beliefs.

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