1. Great video, Hank, although I might add that in addition to supporting Big Bird, PBS also funds two Crash Course series each year. Without PBS, there would be no Crash Course Computer Science, Physics, U.S. Government, or Astronomy. -John

  2. Hey! I work at the Natl. Institutes of Health! please fund us good lord medicine is expensive, supplies are expensive, free care is expensive, medical professionals are expensive, we're all just trying to help 🙁

  3. Both areas of Japan where America dropped atomic bombs during world war two currently have radiation levels no higher than any other cities in the world. The effects of the federal deficit

  4. …I don’t understand. I know that I and many others have great difficulty imagining others complexly but in cases like this it is just so difficult to image how anyone could think this budget proposal is a good idea. The proposal is vindictive and petty- it’s more of an attack on typically liberal ideals than a push towards a better America (what the Trump administration claims it is). In what way will taking funding from wildlife preservations and clean energy and education lead to a better future? I am also deeply concerned and confused by my country’s need for a ridiculously large and overfunded military. The more money we funnel into the military (which usually goes to research and strategy and lucrative contracts, not to keeping soldiers warmer in the winter or providing more opportunities to move up the ladder or be at home more) the more we feel like we have to use our military, lest we waste that money. Military force should be used as little as possible because not only is going to war or on a military excursion a large use of time, money, and man hours, it can also lead to loss of life on either side, which should be the last thing you are eager to participate in. This budget is deeply troubling. I saw the video when it first came out, and I was hopeful that President Trump would be gold this was a bad idea by those close to him and edit. But seeing it again now, I could believe this came out yesterday. He doesn’t seem to be learning or changing, which is fine if we’re just talking about morals and general attitude, but he is not changing the way he approaches situations, and he is not learning to lead. Running a business is different from running a country with hundreds of millions of citizens with different viewpoints and ideals and ideas. I want him to do well because I want my country to do well, but my faith (which was never high I must admit) has been slipping away to nothing.

  5. the lack of compassion for other people in the comments is disheartening, i’d love it if vlogbrothers did a video or videos about the cycle of poverty so some of these people could understand being poor isn’t about just “not saving money” it’s that when you live paycheck to paycheck it’s so hard to pull yourself up without assistance, yes there will be people who take advantage of the system but that means we should make improvements to the system, not take it away. what little money people do save when living life this way can be all used up when a family member gets sick and ends up with a big hospital bill or their car breaks down and requires repairs. poverty isn’t simple otherwise it wouldn’t exist we would just fix it and move on to other issues

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