Topping Autoflowers, Is It Worth It? Budget White Widow Grow Week 4

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  1. Great video, Dude I could really do with some advice, I have 5 plants that must be auto's they get over 14 hours of light and they cant be 5 weeks old and they are budding already. I just started to stress train one of them and the next day? Bud's.. they are way to small for my needs, they are now in 2 gal grow bags.. yesterday i put the tallest one (15 in) in a 5 gal grow bag because i am convinced the 2 gal's are to to small, I WANT everything in 5 gal pots before flower, do you think it will be a waist of nutes, water and soil if I put these premature auto plants in a bigger container and bombard them with flower based nutes for a while until I flush and harvest? it's worth it to me if I can get them to more than double in size and density before harvest. and yea I think it"s a good idea to Not take of too many leave's from these buggers..

  2. Don’t listen to this! I’m currently in the last month of 2 of these same white widow autos… I low stress trained AND topped them many many times… they WILL get HUGE if you do so. I’m going to get OVER 1 lb EACH PLANT. So, if you want HUGE PLANTS…. lst and top early and often. Also, using the right nutes doesn’t hurt.

  3. i accidentaly snapped of the top of my autoflower (did LST too much and it snapped completely off) it shot back and now i have more then 8 main colas (3 weeks later and i bended the other branches to make for an even canopy, hence the 8 colas)

  4. Wow, I have pretty much the same setup. But I'm just growing normal feminized white widow. Assuming that's a 3×3 tent. I went with 3 plants on first grow instead of legal limit of 4 (canada), because my theory was more space would increase the yield. Next grow, I'm going to mount all my fans and grow 4 plants. See if the yield changes or not.

  5. Hello dear.. How many hours do light work per day? (Led lamp) .. And When close the light for some hours … close the fan too or not ? Or will light and fan work all the time? Tell me plz what's right..

  6. Hard to believe I see so many people recommending doing hardcore things to autos. Such as topping. LST is pretty much the only thing you can do with autos. Autos go by days alive. When you do anything to stunt them (transplanting, topping, burning, deficiency, pH swings,etc) the plant takes that time to recover. When it goes by days alive it spends said day recovering rather than growing. Thus everything that is done to induce any kind of stress will reduce size and yield.

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