TOP 5 THC VAPE CARTRIDGES OF 2018 | end of the year |

So I did the list of 2018 earlier this year and I’m dumb for not doing it towards the end of the year instead. I figured I would do one in the beginning and the end of …


  1. Are these made at the actual dispensory or are they just sold at the dispnesory. cuz in RI none of these exist you can only get carts made by your disoensory.
    Summit 30 percent or summit 60
    Slater center 30 or slater center 60
    But thats it I can't find any of these carts which is probably a good thing imo

  2. Lately my Holy Grail vape cart is one that has unmistakable, impossible to replicate, OG Kush flavor. That sweet skunk's asshole type flavor that sticks to the tongue. Like a clean bong rip of perfectly grown Tahoe OG or Kosher Kush. Anything come to mind that you've tried that matches that description? Anybody? Anybody

    Bueller……. Bueller

  3. I very much enjoy most of your reviews, they're always packed with info with a healthy dose of opinion. But there is one HUGE, GLARING PROBLEM with 90%+ of the cart reviews: there's hardly any time spent on flavor. And more importantly you don't mention or seem to care at all about STRAIN SPECIFIC terpene profiles. People think being a connoisseur simply means getting the best wax, bud, vapes, etc and nothing less, no matter what the price. And that's what brings us to my point: a connoisseur is aware of, knowledgeable about and respectful towards all aspects of the Cannabis plant. You seem to only care about 3 things: Price, vapor production and specifically THC potency. All three are extremely superficial aspects. To get a full spectrum stoned effect you need the synergy of all cannabinoids & terpenes working harmoniously. To beat a dead horse; this is the reason you shouldn't call yourself a cannabis connoisseur, you don't give a shit about those aspects. The way we judge new vape carts in my shop starts and depends mainly on taste tests. The rule/ guidline goes: if you hit a vape cart and it tastes exactly the same as a traditional low temp dab from a banger it's good to go. If you get full spectrum strain specific, strain matching flavor the full spectrum high is guaranteed.

  4. Hey why don’t you give the new Heavy Hitters Cold-Filtered Distillate a try? It’s my favorite cartridge by far. They distill their oil 8 times! That’s more than ASCND. Select oil only distill their oil 5 times. The purity of simply straight cannabinoids and strain specific terpenes. You can’t beat Heavy Hitters. Please do a review on them.

  5. I get 82% half g cartridge for 12$ and one i use my points i get 25% off so i just buy 10 of them all different flavors and end up getting 5 grams in 10 half gram cartridges for little less than a 100 bucks. Not insane quality but very good, the slightly more brown co2 stuff. And i know about the distillate and others can be better, just my cheap option.

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