1. A great video. However, you made "algebra" and "geometry" look way simpler then they are. They're not about solving equations and triangles. These are the ancient "algebra" and "geometry", if I may say. Modern algebra is more broad and it includes Group Theory that you classified as one area. Also, I believe that Real Analysis must be mentioned as one big area (that would include of course what you called "changes").

  2. Thanks for that ö. It the disconnect you are hinting a bit around that becomes even weirder when considering math usually has true statements that stays true, forever. In this world those are quite few, and still it seems to work.

  3. you contradicted yourself by saying that its amazing how things in the universe can be explained by a thing that humans made, but at the beginning you said that the beginnings of math came from counting, and other animals can do that too

  4. Sadly, I’m confused, so I’m just gonna go listen to Jinjer, “I speak Astronomy”, that’s going to return my escaped neurons back together in a most random order, see, I’m confused

  5. please tell me what section of mathe is important for computer science, i don't have time to learn many things i just want to go straight to the subject . PLEASE HELP !???

  6. se me hace muy gracioso y estoy de acuerdo en que coloquen un pentagrama en la categoria de matemáticas aplicadas a la economia😂😂😂, siempre y cuando lo hagan por el enfoque capitalista y no por la ciencia economia en sí; no doy más detalles por que se me hace muy agotador explicarlo 😛

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